The Bad Dog Designs workshop is located in Pillaton - Staffordshire, where I aim to create unique and individual clocks from original vintage Nixie tubes, and other original bits of equipment that I can find, or have lurking in the garage here if you want to have a virtual Nose!

Nixie tubes were once popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s and used in many electronic gadgets of the time, from petrol pumps to military equipment. Long since out of production, each clock is made from salvaged tubes or from uncovered old stock lost in warehouses. The tubes have a distinctive orange glow and real depth of movement as each digit is stacked behind the other within the tube. Every clock is handmade, more a piece of art than a timepiece – by their very nature they are individually constructed from recycled equipment, or original vintage items. Inside however, the latest microprocessor technology from PV Electronics is used to drive these long forgotten tubes.

I enjoy making clocks as my hobby either for general sale, or directly for the end user as a commissioned piece. If you want one then feel free to get in touch.

The 'Gemini In Tempore' clock. A full on Steampunk creation! The steam engine runs and the clock vents steam from the chimney on the side. It is a Dual time zone clock and truly unique.

One of the Gordon range of clocks, each one made from an original 1940/50's Volt meter. This one is Gordon MK VI and is absoloutely dinky!

Turing Nixie clocks, inspired by the work of Alan Turing at Blechley Park during WWII. Design cues taken from the Turing Bombe used to decode the Enigma machine.

Number 3 in the run of Limited edition Dr who clocks (4 and 5 also now reserved) This one features a Temporal circuit and is made from a beautiful rosewood box

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BDD part of the BBC's 'Get Creative' event here to be included in the forthcoming 'Britain on the Make' TV program.

Thrilled to be a featured Designer Maker in Reclaim Magazine ! here

Great piece on the BBC when Cameras came into the workshop - Watch it here. Even Max the Dog gets a look in!

I've outgrown the spare bedroom..! BDD has now moved into a converted stable of all things!

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Submit your own clocks page opened - share your work with the world! - Email in your pictures if you wish!

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Godfrey clock featured in 'Stuff' Magazine's October issue

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Collaboration with Dalibor Farny watch out for large copper Nixie tubes

Godfrey III and Gordon VI To appear in the Xmas Special on Sky 1 this year! Fungus the Bogeyman

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