Please find details below of where you can buy any clocks I have for general sale listed below, or you can commission one from me direct.

To commission a clock, I have a page where there are 'Raw' or 'untouched' objects that I have acquired for conversion into clocks, or other items - Thermometers / radios etc. This is the tab up the top called 'Starting Points' or click here The way it works is have a look through and if there is something that appeals or would suit your ideas, then let me know and I'll use it as a starting point. I get objects in quite often, and it is easier for me to put them on a page rather than email people loads of pictures all the time. I think this method works quite well, although you are welcome to submit your own objects if you have something personal to yourself you want converting. I usually ask for a small deposit up front and then work with you on getting the design that you want. It is quite a fluid process and I can usually accommodate things if you have other thoughts later on in the process. The whole process of delivering a finished clock, from receipt of initial enquiry is about 2 months - each one is unique and will be made for you. I get busy in the Xmas period, and would ask if you want a clock to give someone for Xmas that I start on it April / May time to ensure that they all get done! I usually have between 4 - 7 clocks going through the workshop at anyone time.

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We're a small team of - well 2! - Myself Paul who comes up with the Idea's and Karen who keeps everything running! Because we're small we can offer a very bespoke personal service, we don't bite (well I don't!) and there are many testimonials on the site. I enjoy making clocks, but have to sell them so I can make another :)

You can contact us on 07932 662303 or from any of the email links below. Visits to the Workshops are welcome, but by prior appointment first.