The Bad Dog Designs Clock you can make yourself

One of the things I enjoy most about Nixie Clocks is the act of making them. The thought occurred that other people may well also want to make one as well, but maybe don't have the necessary technical skills or ability to do so. With that in mind I've come up with 'Henry' a neat little clock made from brass and wood that you can assemble yourself under guidance in the workshop. I shall be on hand to point you in the right direction, and guarantee you leave with a working clock.

Henry is constructed from solid brass and has a birch ply casing, with all the controls on the rear.

Not to difficult to assemble, designed for complete novices, but to come away with a stylish clock

You can finish the wood any way you wish, here I've just stained and varnished it.

All the parts you have to assemble to make a complete Henry clock.

So, how does it work? I'm in the workshop pretty much every day making clocks or other nixie based contraptions. I have a spare desk and tools, so you can come and join me for as long as it takes you to put your Henry clock together.

While you are there, I will give you all the guidance / instruction that you need - even teach you to solder if you have never picked up a soldering iron before. Should you run into problems, I am then right at hand to sort it out whether it is a component in backwards or you've dropped a tube on the floor!

Regarding availability and booking the course, literally just drop me an email or give me a call on 07932 662303 Everything is already at the workshop, I would need a weeks notice just in case I'm out but that is about it. My web programming skills do not go as far as an interactive diary or online booking system.. will have to be good old phone or email :) Why not give it a go? if you've never thought about making your own clock, it is a great experience and something just a little different from the norm!

Courses will always be held on the 2nd week of every month - Monday through to Sunday inclusive.

Cost of the course is £240 including VAT - you can pay by card over the phone / BACS / Paypal / Cash on the day if you wish.

This covers the clock, as much time at the workshop as you need to put it together, any parts broken during assembly or test, my time to help and assist. Also includes cups of tea / coffee and lots of idle banter..

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