Welcome to the Non Nixie Objects! Page Occasionally I get asked to make a Steampunk styled something or other, and it doesn't need a Nixie in there, or I can't fit one in. As I Enjoy making these things anyway I didn't see any harm in putting them on the site. They still took ages to make and considerable effort!

Also included are some wonderful Steampunk Creations from Van Halen co

The ECG Cardio Clock SOLD


Something slightly different, this is an original 1960's Medical ECG monitor and I've utilised the Cathode ray tube inside to display the time, instead of the heart pulse monitored from the patient.

This would not have been possible to do when the ECG monitor was originally made, it uses a microprocessor to 'draw' the clock face and the hands onto the screen, in a similar way to an etch-a-sketch!

As well as the traditional clock face, it displays the time in a Digital format. Partly for variety and also to avoid screen burn. The image also jumps around slightly every few seconds for the same reason.

All the front controls work, Focus / brightness etc. The CRT is also back lit with a Blue LED than can also be turned on or off from the front panel switches. The clock is based on a kit from here ,also on the links page.

Steampunk Bluetooth Speaker - £POA SOLD

"Sonus in Aere"

Different to the Nixie clocks, this is a Steampunk Bluetooth Speaker. Fully functional and sounds absolutely wonderful. Ported bass and of course the Brass horn. Made from an old resistance decade box.

Very detailed and looking like something that should have been attached to HG Wells Time machine! It has 4 compression drivers inside and a Class 'D' amplifier.

The two Verdurite Emanation Coils indicate the status of the inner workings, If the Speaker is powered up - Paired etc, changing colour depending on operation.

Completely solid Brass control panel, the Speaker is called "Sonus in Aere" which roughly translates into "Sounds from the Air" which is quite appropriate for a Bluetooth Speaker.

Iphone Dock / Bluetooth Sound System - £POA SOLD

Commissioned Piece

After quite a lot of head scratching and tinkering, here is a 2 piece Iphone Dock and Bluetooth speaker Combo. The separate speaker is in fact a Sub-Woofer as there are 2 main speakers in the base unit.

Made to order, the side speaker panels feature the initials of the Client and his Partner on the other side, created to commemorate a special 50th..

With it being Steampunk, it is powered by the Verdurite Emanation coil that picks up the charge from the glowing green substance contained in the Vial on top.

There is also a Dekatron contained that acts as an animated VU meter (same as the Scaler Clock) and will also display other animated patterns on command.

The main base unit was a 1942 resistance Decade box, used to test and identify unknown resistance values. Very well made and extremely solid. As a result the speakers inside sound much better than what they were originally installed in!

Despite appearances, that is not a brass frog on the top, it is a back rest for the iPhone to rest against, although there are similarities LOL!

The business end of the Sub woofer, even on low volume there is a decent blast of air coming out of the side of the housing. It took considerable effort to get it air tight, but worth it!

The Sub is based on an old Battery box. In keeping with the style, I kept the original warning label on the top. The interconnecting cable back to the dock is original period cable as well.

Van Halen Co

I found Van Halen Co on the Web, and they create some wonderful Steampunk Items - which I thought I would share. Click any of the pictures for further info or Click Here Van Halen Co