Welcome to the Old Fashioned / Steampunk Clocks Page These clocks are all made from original antique cases, be it wood / brass or a combination of the two. Gothic / Steampunk styling is quite popular and lends itself to Nixie clocks. Fitted out with modern electronics to give a truly original clock that will get people asking questions when they see it!

This is quite a long page and takes a while to load. It is basically my portfolio of Steampunk work, with the later pieces at the top and my first clocks at the bottom I also support the work of others, so dotted about the page are clocks from other talented makers that you may well be interested in.

If you're commissioning a clock, please use these as a guide. It will give you an idea of what I can do, and also you can quote examples of what you have seen here, if you want me to add bits of other designs into yours.

Occasionally I do have clocks available for General sale. If so they will be right at the top of the page, however commission work takes prescedent - so commission one!

Prices show VAT for UK / EU Customers, outside of the EU - Vat is deducted.

- W I L S O N - SOLD

Good Bye Wilson, my friend and workshop companion!

Wilson.. where do we start.. The longest and most complex thing I have made to date. Two and a half years in the making and nearly 5ft tall - he never answered back either! Made out of old bits and pieces from a weed sprayer to some shoemaking equipment!

I could and did write pages about him! so here's an article all about Wilson Published on EEWeb.com so you can read all about how I made him, why I made him and his final trip across the Atlantic!

Wilson accompanied Bad Dog Designs to 2 Exhibitions, the picture above is him guarding all the Nixie clocks at the Grand Designs Live show in 2017, as well as keeping me company in the workshop.. He's also been very popular on Social media with his own #Wilson hashtag

And Finally Wilson in his new home. (Photo - G.Primack) Where I know he will be very happy and well loved.

- T H E - A R R A Y - £1,500 + VAT

Please contact me direct paul@bad-dog-designs.co.uk for ordering details

Not a clock, the Array is a very accurate 18 channel Audio Spectrum Analyzer. It uses 18 original IN-13 Nixie tubes in an array to visually display sound as it is heard. Play the clip to see it running.

The base is built from solid mahogany with the upper brass framework made of 37 individually machined components. Ideal to compliment your Valve amplifier or home Hi-Fi system.

Like the Bombe clock, I will make a limited number of the Array's. Once all made then it will no longer be available so I'm taking orders for these now. It is simply gorgeous!

Here's a clip of the Array running on the workbench. Music is 'Together we are Beautiful' by Fern Kinney. The Array connects to your Amp / Hi-Fi via standard Line in / out connections.

- T H E - R E C O R D . P L A Y E R - £500 - Etsy shop Here

Made for BBC1's 'Money For Nothing Program'

Hard to believe when you see what the original record player looked like! This is a totally overhauled and remade 1960's Record player that features a BDD Nixie clock!

The insides have been tidied up, but the mechanics will no longer play records anymore so I've built inside a Bluetooth speaker so you can stream from your phone or tablet.

The control panel on the side is for setting the time, and also to use the Bluetooth. I kept the record player's original speaker for a vintage tone as well as look!

The rather tall Jay Blades! in the workshop during filming for the episode. This piece is available if you are interested in owning a rather unique Bad Dog Designs clock!

- H E N R Y - £200 - Etsy shop Here

Available - or make yourself as a workshop experience - details here

Introducing Henry, a delightful small Steampunk clock made from solid brass sheets and birch wood ply. A first for Bad Dog Designs though, I can supply Henry ready assembled and tested or you can make him yourself!

If you are able to make him yourself, you can customize him at the workshop, change the LED colours, paint the wooden casing, maybe even add some extra steampunk details - how creative are you?

Henry has a super reliable 4 digit display using IN-12 tubes, probably the most robust tube I have come across! The casing is beautifully engineered and is a real attention getter once on your desk!

Here are the parts you have to assemble and a little promo clip here For those that have asked, unfortunately I will not be sending out a kit of parts, just a complete clock.

- C U S T O M - H E N R Y - £220 + Depending on Detail

Some Custom made Henry clocks - Anything goes!

As well as the regular Henry clocks above, and the course to make your own! You can also ask me to customise them for you so here's a couple of examples, this is a personalised Henry for Lorri and Les!

This one has had the magic of MJ Ryle at The Purple Finch decorate the casing to look like the galaxy! All very clever and done with resin. If you wish you can have a 'space case' now fitted.

Loved making this one, a throwback to my own youth and the days of early computing before the playstation was even thought of. A Henry to celebrate the legendary Amiga!

It's not just the text I can customise on the front. This Henry has had a different shape front and back fitted, and engraved with some details that relate to the BioShock Games.

- C O N S T A N C E - MK III £400

Available in my Etsy shop Here

Every now and again, I come across an old Deco mantle clock - this happens to be the 3rd one I've converted into a Nixie Clock, so Constance MK III is now available.

The original clockwork mechanism had long died, the mainspring snapped, so I removed it and carefully added in the Nixie electronics and styled a matching front bezel to hide the old winding holes!

Made from oak with some simple detailing, the original look and feel of the clock has been kept, I think this one dates back to 1930 as my best guess.

The rear of the clock is pretty well as it was originally made, I've just added a small control panel. You can still open the little door on the back - maybe use it to keep something safe inside?

- O R P H E U S - MK II £600

Available in my Etsy shop Here

When I first started on this Nixie journey.. one of the first Steampunk clocks I made was called 'Orpheus' back in March 2014. Roll on 4 years and here's Orpheus MK II looking very grand.

I've made this one specifically for the upcoming Exhibition I'm at, called the 'Elite London' details in the link above. An eye-catching design with a roving red dot scanning under each tube.

Dating back to the early 1940's the clock is made from a resistance decade box, same as the original Orpheus although I've made this one a bit thinner so it sits on a shelf easier.

Here's a close up of the roving dot! The dot lights up in sequence for each tube, bouncing backwards and forwards as the seconds pass by. A bit like a slower version of Knight Rider!

- G R A N D - P A N D O R A - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Every now and again, I get commissioned to make a simply gorgeous Steampunk clock.. so here's the Grand Pandora.. like the regular Pandora clocks, but bigger and more detailed!

The design has 2 pairs of interlinked Dekatron tubes, as one turns 360 degrees, the other one then indexes on to the next step giving a constantly moving display on the front, along with the Nixies on top.

Lots of Steampunk detailing and of course the obligatory Verdurite Emanation Coil powering everything! Originally this clock started life as a broken old sewing box and a battered old trumpet.

On top some lovely Z566M Nixie tubes, lovely proportions and very crisp and clear, and all underlit with a combination of red and orange Leds. The clock also displays the date and has an alarm.

- T H E - L A M P - SOLD

Made for BBC1's 'Money For Nothing Program'

Very happy to be working with the team at 'Money For Nothing', helping to save items from the tip! and turning them into some wonderful clocks.

This one started off as an old carriage lamp, and needed a lot of cleaning and polishing to get it to something I was finally happy with. Love the brass eagle on top :)

Myself and the lovely Sarah Moore in the workshop with the completed clock ready to go. The clock itself ended up in the USA shortly after I had finished it.

- C O Y O T E - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Lovely little Burl Walnut clock, with a nice LED effect in the four front corners. Called the 'Coyote' clock in recognition of the South Dakota Coyote's.

It has 6 of the IN-8 Nixie tubes on the top, these are the type you can plug in and out, should one ever fail. The casing was originally a little trinket box from the 1920's

A nice example of a custom / bespoke piece. I have a variety of old original boxes in stock, something like this I can put together for you reasonably quickly.

In each corner are 8 Led's. Inside a little microprocessor generates various sequences and patterns that give an eye catching display all the time they are turned on.

- L A U R A - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Every now and again, I get asked to make a little plain and simple clock. So here's just that, a pretty little Burl walnut clock with a 6 tube clock electronics inside.

On top is a polished aluminum top bezel, held in place with a handful of little rivets - gently curved to match the contours of the domed wooden lid of the original box.

Laura has 6 original XN-12 Nixie tubes that have a copper anode, and also under the tubes are 6 RBG led's under control of the clock electronics that will change colour on the hour.

Took about a month on and off to turn this one around. A great little clock just to have on your desk. I have more of the walnut boxes if you want one making.


No longer available

Not sure if I should list this under the steampunk clocks or the test equipment clocks, so it is on both! A lovely old 1950's meter turned into a 4 digit Nixie Clock.

Carefully restored, and as many original bits and bobs kept - these were used in the late 1950's at laboratories and scientific research establishements for their accuracy.

I have a limited number of these, only 4 or 5 and they are either in Milliamperes or Volts, depending on which one I pick up to convert. Both examples are shown here.

The Meters have a lovely mahogany dovetailed casing, and an original leather handle. A great clock for the man cave or to go into your study, each one individually hand made and put together.


Commissioned Piece - Spectrum Analyzer

This is 'Ether' a Steampunk Spectrum Analyser display unit. Totally functional, there is a brass horn on the top that picks up ambient sound and then the electronics display on the 10 IN-13 tubes.

The silver cylinder on the left contains a high gain microphone, with the brass horn acting as a mechanical amplifier. Together they are then sensitive enough to pick up regular conversation.

Made out of an old Victorian brass bound writing slope, and an old industrial temperature gauge supplied by the client for me to fit into the design. The name 'Ether' comes from the gauge.

I also added a full RGB lighting effect too, inside the curve of the glass on the front gauge. You can see a clip here of it running. The Analyser display can be added into any clock or project.


Commissioned Piece

No mistaking why this clock is called the 'DEFENDER' made for a fan of the Land Rover Defender, this clock as a scale replica of the front grille and an original dashboard.

All the dials and gauges move when the clock is powered up, along with the 2 dekatron tubes where the headlamps fit and also the indicators and side lights all flash and light up.

The warning panel all lights up and illuminates in various sequences and patterns, depending on what mode is selected. Plenty of movement and things going on with this clock.

The Defender was originally a piece of early telephone testing equipment used for checking out the exchange. Now it is a totally unique clock paying tribute to the wonderful Defender!

M A G N A V O X SOLD - But can make another!

Commissioned Piece - Spectrum Analyzer

Something New for 2018, not necessarily the Magnox clock but the Nixie array on the top. As well as telling the time, the Magnavox has a 10 channel Spectrum Analyzer display on top.

The Client wanted the original Decade box completely untouched, so it has all the original age / scratches and even bits of old sticky tape still on it.

The Analyzer basically responds to sound, broken down into frequency bands. The lowest notes trigger the tubes on the left, and goes up in steps across the audio spectrum.

As it is audio related, I added some old radio valves and tuning can to add to the overall effect. You can see a clip here to see how it works.

T H E - B I R D C A G E - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

One of my favorite types of clock that I get asked to make. Totally Steampunk, and just allowed to let my imagination go wild. Entitled the 'Birdcage Clock' for obvious reasons!

Gorgeous burl walnut casing, and just about the right level of decoration. Has some very nice GN-7 Nixie tubes in there as well, very clear and well defined digits.

The Birdcage contains an old key, which gravity lines up perfectly with the hole in the floor of the cage. The cage started life as a little fireside sweeping brush!

More gears and pipes that go to create the overall effect - what does this thing actually do? and why does it need to keep a key prisoner? always a conversation starter..


Was for General Sale

Where do we start with this one then.. Well I had an old Bunsen Burner in the workshop lying around and as it had 3 legs it reminded me of a rocket..

Over the months, I came across other bits that fitted into the design, and started adding them to the rocket until I was happy with the finished design.

I guess the clock part is incidental, although it uses some pretty tubes. If you look at the picture long enough, you will realise that the nozzel at the very bottom of the rocket is actually an old antique silver egg cup!

This will always be a one off bit of original Steampunk Art from myself.. would never find the same parts ever again! On Etsy if you want it


Commissioned Piece

Another monster Gordon clock.. the Double Gordon MkII. This one has Time and Date on the top IN-18 tubes and then a secondary display for the temperature in the lower window.

With the lights dimmed, there is plenty of illumination and light from this piece, even the engine bay is illuminated. Pretty cold when I took the picture, it registered 14.3 degrees!

On top is a lovely brass and copper tube protector, just finishes off the overall styling of the clock. Lots of pipework on the front panel, where the original terminals use to go. The whole piece started off as a 1940's combined Volt / Ammeter, a very early multimeter!

The other bay contains a twin cylinder steam engine, which does indeed run so you can see the pistons going up and down. Has all the associated piping and reservoirs you would expect.

C A R A' S - C L O C K - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Nice little Steampunk Clock, a little bit like the Micro Babbage but 100 years earlier! Made from a very small rosewood sewing box, just got the electronics to fit inside.

Named 'Cara' after the person it was made for as a special request. The clock has 4 of the Z570M tubes and some pink floor lighting - which you can turn off or alter brightness.

One of the last pieces I made in 2017. Very pretty little clock, lots of detail and great fun to put together. Look out for lots more of these little clocks in 2018!

To give you an idea of size, the clock stands about 16cm to the top of the horn and the base is about 15cm wide and 10cm deep. It took about 4 weeks on and off to make from scratch.

M I C R O - B A B B A G E

Commissioned Piece

A very small clock, hence called the 'Micro Babbage' and unusual that it has a 2 tube display to tell the time, alternating between hours and minutes so when I took the pictures it was 12:48

Very Steampunk in design, almost like a mini invader from the War of the Worlds or something! The clock is made from an old inductance box dating back to about 1940 and solid Bakelite.

The customary slab of highly polished brass compliments the IN-12 tubes with copper anodes. Likewise there are red and yellow Led's under the tubes that fade into an ever changing range of hues.

The clock was made as a Thank you for my friend John, I was 3 days into an exhibiton on my feet all day and he kindly turned up at lunchtime with a chilled pint of well needed beer!

T H E - D I S C O V E R Y - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

The Discovery clock, made out of an old bit of scientific equipment but still retains flashing lights, moving parts and of course it tells the time and date.. and also WiFi enabled!

Instead of the usual brass, this is satin brushed Aluminium that has been engraved - it gives a nice gunmetal type finish, expect to see this in some more contemporary designs in future.

The centerpiece of the clock is a motorised gyroscope from an old American warbird, that gets subtly lit from the LED's underneath while they back light the Nixie tubes.

All the controls for the programmable lights, the Gyroscope and the clock are hidden away on the rear. Giving the front quite a minimal appearence - I have been known to overdo things :)

G R A N D - M A S T E R - G O R D O N - MK I I - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

The Grand Master Gordon MK II

A Giant Gordon clock - the Grand Master, with a lot of features. 6 digit display, 2 Dekatron tubes and motorised gears and a lovely RGB lighting feature on the base of the clock, even the little meter on the front moves.

The top of the clock is very Steampunk in style, scientific looking and all made from original period bits and pieces found in the workshop. The brass dial is actually a spherometer, and the engraved plate came from an Aircraft Autopilot!

A mesmerizing full colour RGB Verdurite Emanation coil display at the bottom of the clock. The Whole clock started off as an early Avometer used to measure voltage and current in electrical circuits.


The Doomsday Clock - Commissioned Piece

The Eschaton, Doomsday clock that counts up to the end of the world. The threat level on the Left and then the mechanics of doom that increment the threat on the right.

The colour under the tubes relates to the threat level, blue is relatively safe. There is a key on the side of the clock that you use to wind the large brass wheel to increase the threat level.

Here the threat level is at the 'Very Armed' Status and the tube lighting has gone red as a result. You can also make out the Key on the right of the clock that turns the wheel.

All the possible states the clock can display. A wonderful fun clock to make as a commission, who knows in these present times it may well be accurate at some point in the future :-\


Made for General Sale

At time of Writing the latest Pandora clock, the Mk V. I made this to take to the 100% Design exhibiton, as I don't have a lot of available stock. I'm hoping she will be loved!

I've combined the engraved brass front with the decorative gears, they are actually inlaid into the front, later models will have motorised gears no doubt as I keep refining the designs.

Also incorporated is a Symbol Nixie tube, this displays random scientific symbols and a 'P' for Pandora! As the clock runs, they fade and merge into each other. The wire guard is made from 0.7mm brass bar.

On top behind the Nixie tubes is a special little Blue Verdurite Emanation Coil. Only 1cm long it acts as a temporal fuse for the timing circuits located deep inside the clock.

D R - W H O - C L O C K - MK 7 - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Number 7 in the run of Dr Who themed clocks - 3 left to go. This one has a lovely motorised Gyroscope on the front, and the usual glowing coil and Steampunk Decoration all over.

The quote on the front is a reference to the 'Angels' episode of Dr Who, and the little 'M1' relates to the owner! The faster the gryo spins, the brighter the coil on the front glows.

On top of the clock is the only common component to the Dr Who clocks, the engraved top bezel that again has a hidden message written in the Gallifrayan text engraved onto the top.

The clock originally started out as a rosewood sewing box, approx 1870 - the Gyroscope effectively sits in the top of the old box, which I have stood on its edge, with the original hinges at the bottom.

1960's - R A D I O G R A M - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

No one said Nixie clocks have to be small! This was an original 1960's PYE Radiogram which belonged to the clients Grandfather. It has now been brought bang up to date and made useful again.

The original record deck and radio I removed, and fitted in some partions to turn the interior into a drinks cabinet - Wine bottles on the right, and Spirits at the front along with a selection of fitted glasses.

As the original insides are gone, there is a false base that hides a Sony sound stage speaker system so the Radiogram can once again bring sound and music into the room, streamed from your phone!

And of course, a suitably 1960's styled Nixie clock to go on the front to finish the design off. Many thanks to Marc Jackson for the commission and for providing the great photos I've used on the site.


Was for General Sale

Godfrey MK V - I made this for the 2017 100%Design show, and that is where it found it's new owner. This one made from an original 1945 Voltmeter with a sawn oak casing.

Lovely old leather handle, I particularly liked the little patent number stamped into the base of the handle! I've not seen that before on any old bit of equipment that I've worked on.

With all Godfrey clocks, there is a mechanical part. In this case I've re-purposed an old clock mechanism, dismantled and overhauled it and added an electric motor to make it turn.

It also has to have a glowing Green Verdurite Emanation Coil fitted in to the design somewhere, so I've put it just under the clockwork mechanism in this case. Just behind the coil is the thermostat from an old Ford Cortina!

~T H E ~ R O C K E R ~ SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Probably not quite Steampunk, and not quite contemporary either! This is the'Rocker' and it is made out of the rocker cover off a Yamaha R1 Motor bike with 4 large Zm1040 Tubes.

The Clock sits on some little feet underneath and has some subtle under lighting to give the impression that the clock is floating on the surface that it is placed on.

Even though I have been making clocks now for quite a few years, this is the first one I have done that just has 4 of the large tubes fitted. Regular tubes would have looked lost though.

A great clock to put together, I don't think this will be the last Rocker cover clock I make either.. anyone got a Ferrari rocker cover they want turning into a clock? :)

~T H E ~ P R O P H E T ~ SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Presenting the 'Prophet' A Mad Scientist come Rock and roll clock, made as a commissioned piece. Lots of nicely engraved brass and plenty of glowing things to flicker and flash wildly!

The clock was originally a bit of old scientific equipment, although it bears little resemblence to it now! Over 1kg of engraved brass on the front panel and the top section.

The Tubes are Z566M type and the under lighting as best a match for the plasma discs that go on the front. The switches turn the discs on and off, or make them sound sensitive.

A closer view of one of the plasma discs used in the design. They are unusual in that they are miniature, measuring about 75 mm in diameter. They also respond to touch.

~S T E A M P U N K ~ B O M E C L O C K ~ SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Following on from my original Bombe clock here It was not long before I got asked to make a Steampunk Version. This is the end result, the SP Bombe Clock!

Has 6 of the Z566M Nixie tubes, and there is a panel of 9 LED's on the front that index from one to the next every rotation of the Bombe, so as it rotates the LED's move in unison.

Very nice brass cased gauge incorporated into the design. I believe it originally came from an old Oxy Aceteleyne welding set! but doesn't look out of place sitting here on the front of the clock.

Good shot of the tubes clearly showing up the detail of all the number glyhs stacked up inside. I loved putting this one together, if you want to commission something similar, please get in touch!


Commissioned Piece

Now here's a nice project, take an old 1950's valve radio, restore the casing and add a Nixie tube clock that looks in keeping with the original design.. and then fit a Bose Sound System!

Four of the GN-4 Nixie tubes, lined up with the original control knobs lower down on the radio. Gently back lit a warm orange. If they had originally fitted Nixies, I think it would have been done like this.

The casing required quite a lot of restoration, it was horribly scratched in places and the varnish was missing in places. It was stripped back to bare wood and then re-varnished.

The front panel is made of glass, printed from behind. I have replaced the original incandescent bulbs and replaced them with Leds's The front now illuminates like it used to, while the clock is on.


I found Paul and Bad Dog Designs by accident and after looking at his website several times, commissioned a clock using a vintage Bush Radio as the case. In all of my dealings with Paul he has been professional, prompt in replying to e-mail queries or phone calls and always willing to offer advice/suggestions to make the project a truly collaborative exercise. This was a great comfort to me as I live in Melbourne, Australia. The clock arrived several days ago and Paul's instructions regarding setting up the clock and the sound system that goes with it were very clear and concise, making is a doddle to get the radio as we had planned - and it exceeds my expectations in every way. If you are contemplating commissioning a clock, I have no reservations in recommending Paul and Bad Dog Designs highly enough. It has been a pleasure to deal with him and appreciate the time and effort he has taken to make my idea a wonderful reality. Anthony Simmons - Australia.

~ G O R D O N MK 9 ~ SOLD

Commissioned Piece

The latest in the the run of Gordon clocks, this one being the MK IX and once started life as a 1950's GEC Voltmeter. Unlike a lot of the Gordon clocks this has 2 readouts, time and temperature.

The clock has an extended glowing Verdurite coil, and some very nice Steampunk detailing, I've done a couple of designs before with chains on, but this one is my favourite so far.

The outer chain guard is made from the casing off an old pressure gauge, and a couple of the coils on the front used to be inside the meter originally.

Next up will be the Gordon MK X, I'm going to have to come up with something just a little bit special as it is the 10th one in the series.. If you want to own it then drop me a line!

~ G O D F R E Y MK 4 ~ SOLD

Was For General Sale

A Godfrey! last one I made was back in 2015 as it is quite an unusual meter to find with the compartment on the LHS. I have found two, so there will be the Godfrey MK V available soon if you want him.

In the compartment is a glowing Helix, made from an old tuning capacitor. Above is the Verdurite Emanation coil that powers up the clock and picks the time up out of the aether.

The intensity of the light can be altered, and also made to flash randomly. The Godfrey is based on an old 1940's voltmeter and as such has a beautiful oak casing that I restored to its former glory.

A close up of some of the detail, all this is mechnically attached or bolted from behind. I found an old bosuns whistle that I thought added to the design quite nicely!


Commissioned Piece

Wasn't sure to put this on the test equipment page or this one, so it's on both! This was a little 1960's Grundig Microphone Mixer, had a little valve amplifier inside but totally none working.

Great 1960's colour and just begging to be converted into a little 4 digit Nixie clock, which is something I have had a little experience of ;-) Inside is now 4 X GN-4 Nixie tubes.

I remade the entire front panel from brass, it is the same as the original but the holes widened to accommodate the tubes, and the name of the client on the front.. Hello Les!

I kept the rear of the Mixer as it was, with all the connections for the microphones and the line out jack. Had a great deal of pleasure from putting this one together, all fitted just right.

~ C O N S T A N C E ~ SOLD

Was For General Sale

Ok, a slight change to my Steampunk work. Every now and again I like to do little Art Deco clocks. This one is called 'Constance' and made from an original 1920's Ciggarette box.

Made from gorgeous burl walnut with ivory like stringing, the name and front plates have been individually designed and then engraved into polished aluminium to go onto the clock.

The clock can either be 12 or 24 hour display, and has a subtle orange back light using the IN-12 tubes to display the time. Lovely little bedside or desk clock measuring approx 5" x 5".

Even the little feet follow the same Deco styling, polished chrome and quite simple. Constance is available from me directly - was, as it has now sold. Constance MK II on the way though!


Commissioned Piece

Tempus Thermo has the time on top and temperature underneath, this one is the other way around - hence 'Thermo et Tempus' The client likes colour and movement, and this clock has lots.

Also displaying Humidity, it can be set to read an external sensor so you get indoor and outdoor temperature display. The usual Steampunk detailing is applied to this little clock.

The tubes on the top are lit from the rear, rather than from underneath - makes for a very bright and colourful display as each tube has it's own coloured LED behind it.

The little front detail has a ring of 5 LED's that continually change colour and cycle through patterns. All controlled by the clock so at a pre-set time the light show switches on and off.

~ C A S P I A N ~ SOLD


Made from a sandwich of layers of brass and walnut, the 'Caspian' clock. A beautiful little clock that will suit a desk or bedside table. Has 6 of the pretty little Dolam LC531 tubes with a gentle orange Led underneath.

Lots of novel features, one of which the original decimal points in the tubes are untilised to scan back and forth - think knight rider, but used as a neon pendulum while the clock is running.

The clock is named after the Caspian sea, as there was once a clock called the Pacific that used giant Z568M tubes - this one is just 18cm long but has the same proportions though.

All the functions are controlled from a single rotary encoder on the rear, everything from brightness to setting the time and date. Availiable to purchase from my Etsy shop here Or drop me a line via the contacts page.


Commissioned Piece

Where do we start with this one? Fans of Terry Pratchett and the Discworld books will know all about 'The Luggage' He's a trunk made from Sapient Pearwood and follow his owner Twoflowers around.

If you've never come across 'The Luggage' then it is probably the oddest looking clock I have made so far. I am planning on making another one, that will also have the teeth inside too!

The clock is covered in Discworld stamps, as they look like travel momento stickers in this scale. Everything from the Clacks Tower to the guild of Thieves is hidden away somewhere on the clock.

A great clock to put together, over 4 Meters of wooden beading went into the construction and 2Kg of sold brass feet! Also has some beautiful XN-1 Nixie tubes with a golden Anode mesh. If you want 'The Luggage' MKII then drop me a line.


Commissioned Piece

This is a miniature Steampunk clock, that contains a puzzle element. In its one state all the pegs have to be fitted correctly so they are not loose in to the front of the clock. This gives the brilliant pink lighting.

The clock is made from a little resistance peg box, I've added some legs and feet as it originally had the pegs at the top. You will note some little holes in the wood around the Nixie tubes.

If you then remove the pegs from the front and then place them in the holes on the top, the front then lights up with various colours and patterns, but only if inserted in the right order and holes!

A lovely little clock to sit on the mantlepiece or even on your desk at work. Has the dainty little Polish LC531 tubes which reflect very nicely off the polished brass top plate.


Commissioned Piece

One of my 'Bread and Butter' type clocks, a gorgeous little Pandora clock, this one the MK IV and lots and lots of Steampunk detailing, glowing lights and brass work applied to the casing.

To name a few parts, you've got a piece of a trumpet - some bits off an old weedsprayer and the green illuminated bit on the top is an old fire sprinkler head, fitted with a Verdurite coil.

Some very nice IN-8 tubes plug into the top, so very easy to change should you ever need too. As it was commissioned, the clients initials engraved onto the top of the clock as requested.

As each Steampunk clock is individually made, there will never be two the same as it depends what I have in the parts box when I make the clock. Currently working on Pandora MK V, which should be for General sale.


Commissioned Piece

What do you give the HiFi enthusiast that has everything? Well an Audiodyne clock is a good idea.. Made from an old 1950's meter it is sound sensitive and responds to ambient noise.

The original old valves on top glow, and continue the vintage HiFi theme, working nicely next to the 4 Nixie tubes used to display the time. All housed in a finished oak casing.

Ideal on the shelf in the Man cave, or next to a speaker. A little microphone hidden away in the front panel picks up the sounds and the meter dances about in time, just don't cough to loudly!

As the Meter is 1950's the same bakelite material is used to engrave the bezel for the tubes. You can make out the sandwich of black / white / black that the engraving machine cuts through.


'The ~ G U R D Y ~ H U R D Y ~ CLOCK' - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece

The brief for this one was simply 'Something impressive' so, I present the 'Gurdy Hurdy clock - my imagination ran a little wild with this one!

You can see on this side of the clock, 3 original tin and lead organ pipes, as salvaged from an old Welsh Chapel and then clamped to the clock chassis.

This view reveals some Steampunk decoration, a glowing bulb which indicates charge.. and some organ stops amongst other bits and pieces.

The top of the clock in a little more detail. The central item is a motor that is connected to a brass linkage / arrangement. On the hour the motor turns and pushes open a pair of bellows, against a piece of elastic on the rear of the clock. As soon as the motor passes centre, it is no longer pushing the bellows apart, and the elastic forces them shut rapidly. The airflow produced is then routed through to the organ pipes.

The clock is musically themed, Gurdy Hurdy being a play on 'Hurdy Gurdy' a medieval type of stringed instrument played by turning a little handle. Fitted with the lovely ZM1040 Nixie tubes.

Some of the controls taken from an old organ. The trumpet mouthpiece is now used as a temperature sensor as it makes an excellent thermal mass, to give a very stable temperature readout.

Peering into the infinity Trumpet, a set of coloured LED's that go on into the distance forever. The Organ stops on the side influence the colour and pattern of them.

The red light indicates that the clock is 'playing' Inside is a music box movement that is hooked up to a motor, so you don't need to wind it up by hand. Plays 'Tea for Two' if you're interested.


Commissioned Piece

A very interesting clock called 'Compos Mentis'.From the outside it is a very old beautiful oak box that has a handle and some catches, and it dates back to about 1910, made for the medical profession.

Lowering the flap on the front reveals the Nixie tubes that the clock tells the time with. The tubes for the seconds are slightly smaller than the hours and minute tubes, to help set them apart.

Opened up, the box is an old electrical shock machine. I've kept all the fitted tools and hand grips used to administer the shock with. The casing and all the original mechanism has been restored.

One of the original switches on the machine has been rewired to blank the tubes on and off. A really nice conversion, and hopefully will not be the last one of these I'm asked to make.

~ Michael Davany ~ £320

Guest Clock - Available for Sale

Regular visitors will know I sometimes feature guest makers, so here is a lovely clock from Michael Davany. You can drop him a line here to own this little clock or get more information.

The clock uses 6 of the IN-14 Nixie tubes and has programmable RGB lighting underneath. The casing is painstakingly cut from indvidual sheets of wood and stacked up to achieve the end effect.

A very pretty little clock, I expect to see many more gems like this from Michael and I can guarantee, the new owner of this one will not be disappointed with the build or quality.

The rear of the clock showing the power connector and the setting buttons to change all the parameters. Even at the back of the clock the attention to detail and the finish is superb.


Commissioned Piece

Here's something a little different, a Bicycle Nixie clock made for a cycling enthusiast. Made from some old equipment cases and has a crank gear on the front of the clock off an old Bicycle.

The Bicycle on top is a fully working miniature, even the brakes are operational, and the clock drives the wheels round with a couple of little brushless motors as used on the Bombe clocks.

The quote on the top reads "Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving" from Albert Einstien. The clock also uses some pretty little ZM1080 Nixie tubes to great effect.

Even the pedals turn, with the height of the bicycle just placed to clear the top of the Nixie tubes. The tubes are also lit with RGB lighting so you get a different colour every hour.


General Work

The Caractacus Speculation Predictor.. this is an original one off piece that has the ability to be completey unhelpful in solving any of life's problems, but it looks like it knows what it is doing and has a purpose!

It has a thermometer display, Farenheit / Celcius / Kelvin (yes!) and also a readout of Humidity and also a separate clock display to give you all the information you need to help decide if to go out or not.

The front array is a matrix of 18 RGB leds, that display a myriad of colourful sequences or fading flashes and chasing patterns, controlled by the button on the front. Mesmerising to watch in action, almost like its thinking!

No bones about it, this is made soley as something you have in your house that people ask "What on earth is that!" Now Sold on Etsy here for further details.


Commissioned Piece

Sort of an Experiment! This is one of my contemporary Amidala-One clocks that usually resides on the Modern clocks page, but I was asked to fit a wood and brass tube protector.

Two pieces of Teak cut to size and attached to the stainless casing to support the handmade brass frame. The frame was made by making two 'U' shapes and then threading horiziontal bars through and braizing.

The clock reminds me of 1970's HiFi gear, and if I get enough interest I may well consider making this as a regular clock. But for now there just remains the single one out there.

The regular Amidala One clock, is a very modern design - even with the little brass badge! You can buy one in my Etsy shop here if you want further details and I can then modify it for you if needed.

~ Nick-o-Time ~ £350

Guest Clock - Available for Sale

The Nick-o-Time, I'm very honoured to have one of John's clocks available here for sale - You will have to be quick as there is only the one of these, please drop me or John a line here to own this little clock.

Its a simple 2 tube clock that uses the long life National NL840 tubes. It tells the time in pairs of numbers, much at the speed someone would respond if you asked them the time. For instance 12-30.

In addition to the basic mode, there are a number of different cross fades and techniques for displaying the numbers that may be selected, or can be set so the clock cycles through automatically.

A translucent slice across the clock, fades between yellow and red over a 3 minute period, giving a nice fireside glow. The base measures 162mm X 70mm. This is an ideal desk clock.


Commissioned Piece

This is a great looking little clock I was commissioned to make for an Aviation Enthusiast. Very Steampunk in styling but features a working Spitfire Directional indicator on the front.

The indicator is motorised internally and controlled by the little black knob underneath to vary the speed. The knob is also from the original aircraft instrument so got reused as well.

In keeping with the aviation theme, the top bezel is attached to the casing with some tiny aircraft grade rivets! Also fitted are some nice Mullard ZM1040 Nixie tubes with a pale blue backlight.

A lot of the decorative parts on the front are also Ex-Aircraft, taken from old instruments and junked items. If you want something similar, just drop me a line and I can make you one.


Commissioned Pieces

Two of the little Gordon MK IV clocks, very tricky to find the original meters that make these clocks as they are so small, but managed to find 2 identical ones, so had to convert them.

As with all my Steampunk creations I never make two the same. This one is subtly different to the other, and it just depends what I have to hand when I'm down the workshop. Creative randomness I guess!

Both clocks have the green glowing Verdurite Emanation coil and the same brass bezel, that marks them out as Gordons. The handle on the top came off an old chest of drawers, but could have been made to fit here instead.

They make ideal little bedside clocks, I never hide the fact that they are made from old voltmeters - the one on the right even has a little stamp on the dial saying it was 'repaired' back in 1944! Details you could never add.


Commissioned Piece

  • The MKII Time Machine

After the original Time Machine, it was not long before I was asked to make another. They are made from old Time Recorders or clocking in machines, this one dating back from the 1930's.

Lovely large 6 tube Nixie display with the controls underneath that are hidden when the door is shut. The whole of the interior is copper lined which reflects all the Neon and LED lighting.

The original Time Recorder serial number and a warning about not forcing the hands backwards. I have fitted a modern movement where you have to move the hands to set the time as you can't reach from the rear.

The Theme of this clock is Light, and it has many lighting technologies inside. The bright red lamp is a Helium Neon laser tube, and underneath is an Argon filled Dekatron, with a LED ring.

The Green lighting ring is made of Electro Luminescent wire which I have basically sewn into the clock face. Incidentally all the gears behind the clock face also turn as the clock runs.

For final effect, either side of the clock has Incandescent lighting - with 2 large Edison bulbs inset into some custom made copper reflectors, they are dimmed and controlled by two knobs on the front of the clock.

A Beautiful clock, which I greatly enjoyed making and putting together. You can see a clip of it running on the BDD facebook page here don't forget to give the page a like!


Commissioned Piece

This is the Genus (MKII) clock, very small - about the size of a can of coke, but a little wider. Orginally this started out as a very old Tea Caddy from the early 1800's and made from beautiful burl walnut.

Lots of details, I particularly liked the idea of fitting a clockwork winding key on the side, and the little brass feet are also of the same period. Has the lovely little LC531 tubes on the top with the correct '5' digit.

A very fancy Verdurite Emanation Coil on the side, has a 2nd brass ring near the top. Also on the side is a pocket watch movement where you can even turn the gears, and a small little control knob..

Hidden in the body of the clock is a small motor, and a collection of gears - controlled by the knob on the side. You can then peer in throught the two openings and see all the movement inside.


Commissioned Piece

Well, there's the Gordon clocks - put two side by side and you get a Double Gordon. This one is a beauty, and well featured - Time, date, temperature, 2nd Timezone and a signature Spitfire Gyroscope sitting the centre of the clock.

A close up of some of the detail, this is the Steam regeneration cylinder that is sitting on top of the brass boiler. In the background I have managed to inlay an old watch movement, complete into the center of a gear.

Just a little darker, the rear of the motorised Gyro is illuminated as well as all the displays. Incidentally the temperature display on the LHS reads 22.1k as there was never a oC symbol tube that was front viewed, k was the best fit!

Nice view along the top, every single screw perfectly aligned and my favourite large tube; the ZM1040 - which are getting more scarce these days unfortunately. Lovely clock to put together.

ATOMIUM & HANDS OF TIME CLOCKS - Available On Request -

From creative Artist Roddy Scott

  • Atomium Clock EUR 1000

The 'Atomium' Nixie clock, inspired by the Atomium in Belgium. A very unique and eye catching design, limited edition run of 10 pieces each made with the upmost care and attention to detail.

  • Atomium Side View

The clock uses GN-4 tubes around the outside, encased in hand turned wooden pods and has a central Dekatron tube in the middle. Sits on a lovely oak base containing the controls.

  • Hands of Time Clock EUR 600

Another Clock from Roddy - 'The Hands of Time' clock. Featuring GN-4 tubes and a very novel design. Each wooden part is hand made, and carefully put together to form the arc between the hands.

  • Hands of Time Clock Rear View

Both of these clocks can be purchased from Roddy direct - mail him roddyscott.0@gmail.com or click here to get in touch with him - or I can pass on any enquiries.


Commissioned Piece

Here's the next one in the line of Dr Who Clocks - this one is number 6 and has a Central Spitfire Gyroscope in the middle of the design. Lovely rosewood casing and just the right amount of decoration.

As the vast majority of my designs and styling is made from recycled parts, here you can see a Bosons's whistle, an Alarm set piece off a clock and an old Pendulum support post.

Here is the little grille off the bottom of an old thermometer, some brass pipes and a selection of suitably sized gears, again all taken from broken clocks and movements. If you have any broken clocks going spare.. let me know!

I don't use the Red coated tubes often enough, so here are some lovely XN-11 tubes which do go very well with the brass and wood. The top engraved plate is the only repeated item on the Dr Who clocks.

N I X I E ~ W R I S T W A T C H E S ~ - POA -

I get asked quite often if I do Watches.. Well, these are now available and I will keep a small stock of these.

  • Nixie Horisonte IN-16

This is a 2 digit watch based on IN-16 Tubes. The body of the watch is milled from a single piece of Aluminium as is the Bezel from a block of Brass. Measures 53mm X 18mm X 49mm

  • Placed on Docking Charger

Contains an accelerometer so it can display the time automatically when you move your wrist as well as remaining battery - which is a good 2-3 weeks between charges - weight 62grams.

  • Nixie Horisonte -59

This is a 4 digit watch using Z-5900 Nixies, and again the casing machined from a solid block of Aluminium with the front using gorilla glass for extra durability, with a beautiful leather strap.

  • Charging Dock in background

Measures 56mm X 52mm x 20mm and lasts 2 months before recharging. Both these watches can me purchsed from Bad Dog Designs or Igor here To contact directly or mail him giser20@mail.ru


Commissioned Piece

About time I did another pretty little Steampunk clock.. Pandora MK III hence came into being! Very pleased with how she turned out, and at the request of the client, we have a lot of gears.. and on this one they also move!

I seem to have a thing for fitting Trumpet horns on the larger clocks, this is no exception but just has a much smaller one fitted - I believe it to be an old medical instrument but not 100% sure.

Quite unusual and rare tubes on this clock, NL840 tubes that plug in and out. Top brasswork has also been custom made with the requested initials of the customer detailed in some of the gears.

The large wheel with the piston ram attached is actually driven from a motor inside. It then also turns the gear above and the one to the left, as well as moving the piston back and forth.


Commissioned Piece

Here's a nice combination of the Tesla clock, and the AudioDyne I made a couple of years ago. I can take bits and pieces from other designs and make something different, this one is an instant favourite of mine.

The Original voltmeter box is the same the Gemini clock was made out of, but on this one I have kept the original connectors on the side and re-used the dials to respond to ambient noise, so there is always movement.

With the lights down a little, the dials are softly backlit and there is a reserved glow from under the IN-18 Nixie tubes. All housed inside a lovely 1940's mahogany casing that has been gently restored.

The top nameplate in polished brass, serves as a bezel for the tubes and also carries the name of the clock. Completely bespoke and custom made just for this one clock - will never be another!

T H E ~ T U R I N G ~ P L U S - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece

The Ever popular Turing design, I found another of the original test boxes and was asked to make another, but with a little extra detailing. This one has cast brass feet and a load of resistance coils on the LHS of the clock.

Any excuse to put up a picture of some nice Nixies, and the ones on the Turing are one of my favourite tubes, the ZM1040 with the 40mm digit height.

Looing down at the top, you can make out the detail for the drums used on the original Turing Bombe. I am also working on a 1:1 replica of the actual Bombe machine that you can see in the pipeline page.. looking good too!

This may well be the last of the Turing clocks, I've not come across any more of the original decade boxes.. if you know of any then drop me a line!

E x c a l i b u r MK I I - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece

Having made the original Excalibur clock lower down on this page, here is the MKII. This uses a bigger decade box as the starting point and has 3 rows of LED's embedded in the front.

As you can see the LED's also change colour and are also sound responsive, a bit like the Audiodyne clock. A lot of polished brass and some nice little detailed parts on the top.

The top nameplate is beautifully polished, and also the clock uses the rare Dolam LC631 Nixie tubes. Narrower than the ZM1040's but the same height, and suit this clock very well.

I have plans to make another couple of these Excalibur clocks, as I have another 3 or 4 of the original decade boxes in the garage! If you want one making then drop me line on the contacts page.

Monjibox Clocks

From my Partner site in Romania, Please have a look at Cristian's Monjibox Clocks. I like the styling and design very much and feel they compliment my ideas and designs. I do not sell on behalf of Cristian, they are here for you to look at and if you want one, then please follow the link to Cristians Website :) - He is a skilled craftstman and we both share a similar passion for making clocks. Click any of the pictures for further info or Click Here Monjibox Clocks

Black Birdy Clock

The Chimney Clock

Beautiful Fantastic Clock

Happy Robot Clock

Little Jewel Clock

Neon Clock

Simply Elegant Clock


Slightly Steampunk Desk Clock - SOLD -

With GN-4 Nixies

Okay, something a little different - Only making one of these and this is it in the picture. It is a special Steampunk Edition of one of my Contemporary Desk clocks!

I was not 100% sure how stainless steel would look with brass adding, but I am very happy with the way it turned out, just a few details is all it really needed.

The clock uses the military spec GN-4 tubes, which originated from a Naval guided missile system and found their way to me when the ships were decomissioned.

If you want this clock, you can contact me directly on the contact page, or buy online from my Etsy shop Click Here Sorry, now sold.

'The ~ G R A N D M A S T E R ~ G O R D O N - Clock ' - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece

Well, after making many Gordon Clocks, I was asked to make 'A Gordon Clock and then Some' and this is what I came up with, the 'Gordon Grand Master' clock and it is a massive one for sure!

A Six digit Nixie readout, 2 Dekatrons at the top and a great big slab of polished brass right in the middle, proudly bearing the clocks name, along with a copper horn on the top for good measure.

Hopefully from the picture, you can see that the gears move on this clock. There is also a piston assembly bottom right that also moves while the gears turn. All controlled via the large knob on the front.

At the bottom of the clock are some Verdurite coils, in this case fashioned into a row of dancing colour changing footlights that illuminate the front of the clock in hues of red and blue.

Wondered what to fit at the top between the 2 dekatron tubes, had to sort of balance the feel of the clock so I found this lovely old meter. Polished the bezel and it fits perfectly.

As with all Gordon clocks, there has to be a Verdurite coil on the side, this one is no exception apart from the fact it is nearlt 20cm tall and of course it glows green!

Some of the detailing for the horn assembly on the top. Reminded me of an old Edison Phonograph when I had finished it. In reality it is an old hunting horn and some copper fittings.

A Beautiful clock, which I greatly enjoyed making and putting together. You can see a clip of it running on the BDD facebook page here don't forget to give the page a like!

T E M P U S ~E T~ T H E R M O - MK II - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece

Following on from the very pretty Tempus et Thermo MK I, I was asked to make another and here is the end result - Tempus et Thermo MK II and this one is just as pretty!

Lots of period details; this part is from an 1850's device for measuring specific gravity and doesn't look out of place on the clock at all - also on top is an old bullet casing.

As each and every clock I make is handmade by me, I can add in things at request of the client. In this case I was asked to include the family motif in the top brasswork.

I have already started a 6 digit version of the Tempus et Thermo - you can find it on the pipeline page. If you want to claim it as yours then drop me a line :)


Another on the way!

Please welcome Gordon MK VIII, the latest Gordon clock to be completed, and this is indeed a very pretty one. For a change it has a Blue rather than Green Verdurite coil. Drop me a line if interested in owning him!

I have also continued the Steampunk detailing up inside the clock and visible behind the front glass window. The casing is also made from beautiful quarter sawn oak which is quite unusual on an old test meter!

On the RHS of the clock is a large control knob. This is actually the speed control for the inner gearing, the single hour pointer rotates anti-clockwise in about a minute while running.

During the build, the entire clock movement has to be dismantled and each individual gear hand polished on a lathe, the tricky part is then reassembling it back into something that works!

'P R O S P E E D O - Clock ' - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece - Corporate

Well, you won't see one of these every day, this is the mighty 'Pro Speedo' Steampunk Nixie clock, made for a company over in Canada that repair and overhaul Speedometers.

Originally started life as device made for testing Telegraph lines, I've kept a lot of the period parts such as the old hinge clamps and the untouched Bakelite front panel.

With it being for Pro Speedo, it had to have an original vintage Speedometer incoporated - this one came from an old Jaguar. The Pointer does indeed move when certain buttons are pressed.

All the brass had to be removed and cleaned, and there is an awful lot of it! Here you can see the original connections to the Galvanometer that used to sit on the front, before the Speedo was added.

A lot of work was done to restore the Mahogany casing, including the addition of some little wooden feet, made from the somewhat battered original lid, so they would match the rest of the clock.

I then fitted 32 LED's inside and got them to show through the old peg locating holes. The Led's are all sequenced from a controller and make a mesmorising display when running.

The two controls on the side look after the 2 Dekatron tubes, either side of the main Speedo. Below the controls is a brass pushbutton that looks after the speedometer pointer.

A very nice clock indeed, which I greatly enjoyed making and putting together. You can see a clip of it running on the BDD facebook page here don't forget to give the page a like!


Commissioned Piece

When I was asked to make the smallest Steampunk Nixie clock that I could, this is what I came up with - the Micro Tiny clock! Measures about 14cm X 10cm and just houses the electronics inside.

The main detail on the front is an old escapement / balance wheel taken out of a broken carriage clock, although on this piece the detailing continues underneath the clock as well!

The wood is burl Ambonya, and I mirror polished the top plate on this one. The clock is based on my Tempus et Thermo design but without the thermometer readout.

If you look carefully at the bottom right, the circular item is actually a spent shell casing - although in this situation it is now used as a steam boiler to power the clock :)


Commissioned Piece

Following on from the Time Machine earlier this year, I was asked to make a smaller one. This started out as an unwanted Victorian Mantle clock and made a great starting point for me to work with.

Inside are 4 Polish Dolam LC531 Nixie tubes, they have a very industrial quality to them and illuminate well. With it being a Time Machine, it has to have a local space time readout!

Some of the brass gearing on the RHS was repurposed from an old WWII Aircraft, part of a mechanical Autopilot system. The central part above the tubes is part of the valve section from an old Trumpet, all nealty fitted inside.

At the very top of the clock; the tall brass fineal is actually a hidden control. You rotate it to alter the speed of the dekatron tube that is located right in the middle of the original clock face.

V O L T A I R E - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece - Corporate

Now here's a clock and a half! The mighty 'Voltaire' made from a 1960's Laboratory Voltmeter. Standing about 50cm tall and weighing in at over 8Kg this is no small clock. The wood is all Cherry and looks stunning!

A corporate clock made for MCS Who design and install some amazing AV systems. The engraved section behind the giant IN-18 tubes has a full RGB light display and echo's the company Logo.

The front display cycles through a random selection of scientific symbols, and below are 2 Dekatron tubes controlled by the original switches below them. The silver button alters the RGB lighting effect.

Now there's a rare sight! that is me after installing the clock on the wall at the clients premesis. I made a special support frame that you attach to the wall that the clock then hangs off, so it can be removed without having to unscrew anything.


Commissioned Piece

Tempus et Thermo, a very pretty desk clock and thermometer - and also Humidity if you wish! My favourite style of clock that I like to make, completley Steampunk and I can let my imagination go!

As every clock is commissioned, it is made to your request. This one has a silver sixpence incorporated into the design as it has the date the client was born on. Also echoed in the brass on the front.

This is a one-off piece of hand blown glass that fitted nicely into the design. You may also spot on the clock a small piece of a Trumpet which I got into trouble for 're-purposing' at the workshop!

Should you want a clock like this for yourself, just drop me a line on the contacts page Click Here and I will create something like this for you to your own specification.

MARCONI MK IV a.k.a. - 'Ron's Radio Clock' - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece

This is the latest Marconi clock, although named 'Ron's Radio Clock' made for Ron in Oz.. same layout as a Marconi, but this one features a working radio and a lot of brass!

Inside is an original Roberts R-22 Radio, the last all transistor model that they made. The casing is a beautiful mahogany box that used to be a Wheatstone measuring bridge.

On the top is a huge Thyratron valve, surrounded by 12 full RGB Verdurite Emanation coils that glow and colour cycle - these are controlled by a small pushbutton on the top left.

A very nicely proportioned clock, and uses the red coated Z566M tubes on top and the GN-4 tubes for the seconds display. My first clock that has a Thyratron output stage!


Commissioned Piece with a Story

This clock had been in the clients family for a long time and one day the mainspring inside it broke, and propelled the winding key through the glass door, shattering the glass and the mechanism.

A lot of money was spent to try and get the clock working again, and after a lot of time - trouble and expense it was determined it was an Ex-Clock and would tick no more, but it was kept it anyway for sentimental reasons.

By a chance encounter, I met the owner and conversation got round to clocks, and a cunning plan was hatched to turn it into a Nixie clock for his wife - Her Initials are now on the front of the clock.

The clock was covertly sent to the workshop and I got it telling the time again. A Dinner party was then planned and a Mystery guest with a parcel turned up! Great night was had by all :)


Commissioned Piece

The original Turing clocks have been much admired, and I was fortunate enough to find another original Decade resistance box so it wasn't long before someone asked me to make them a clock from it.

The clock is inspired by the work done at Bletchley Park during the war decoding the Enigma machine encrypted messages, and would not look out of place in the code breaking room - Hut 8

Although pictured with blue lighting, the tubes have fully programmable lighting underneath and are the lovely large ZM1040 Nixies that I am particularly fond of, these ones happen to be Ex-French Military!

The rear of the clock is kept completely as it was, I've left the rusted screws and all the marks in the wood; just added a simple brass control panel and given it a light polish.

Dr WHO Timelord clock - Model V - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece

Here's DR Who Timelord clock Mk 5 and it's probably the largest and most complex of all the DR Who clocks that you've asked me to make so far. This one incorporates a Tardis console!

On the LHS is the switch to enable the Time Circuits, once thrown then the console lights up and the clock then starts to sit in standby mode making all kinds of Dr Who noises..

With all DR Who clocks, it has the top engraving and the blue flashing light. You can see a clip of it running on the BDD facebook page here don't forget to give the page a like!

About as steampunk as it gets! the quote on the front is the Dr explaining what Time is.. Each button on the front triggers a separate sound effect, or activates the tardis console!

The Excalibur Nixie clock - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece

I love this clock, and had great fun putting it together. It has 6 large ZM1040 Nixie tubes, a Verdurite coil of course! and a nice amount of Steampunk detailing. Originally made from a resistance peg box.

For added interest, where the original shorting Pegs used to fit - I've put an amber LED and there is an upper and lower row of them. A button on the side alters the lighting pattern accordingly.

A slightly darker shot, coil glowing away nicely and the front Leds are set to Random so they fade in and out at will - a bit like some sort of impossible Victorian computer!

It could not be Steampunk without some strange regulator contraption on the side. I have a few of these resistance boxes on the starting points page here if you want me to make you one.

Brass & Walnut clock - SOLD -

IN-18 Nixie tubes

This clock was made as a special request by a client, and unlike all my other clocks, this is built from scratch from Brass and Walnut - rather than from an old piece of scientific equipment

It is made from a sandwich of Brass and Walnut layers with a lot of assistance from Cristian over at Nixie Art who is a superb craftsman as you can see! The Clock without tubes is 3Kg

There is a rotary encoder on the rear of the clock so you can dial up whatever colour suits your mood, and also connected to the back is a GPS antenna so the clock will always display the correct time.

One of the central colon Neons, encased in Brass and Glass. As this clock was made from scratch I am able to repeat the design should you be interested in owning one of these clocks. Please contact me for further details

Vintage 'Turing II' Clock - SOLD -

With Large ZM1040 Nixies

In the same Vein as the previous Turing clock, this is a much larger piece with the same detailing to the top. Made from a very old piece of equipment called a Kohlrausch Brigde, used to measure conductivity in fluids.

Quite delightfully Steampunk, the LED's under the tubes change colour on the hour and shine back from the brasswork. The clock is a long way from how it started, there is a picture on the pipeline page showing its original state!

I estimate this dates back to 1910 or that era. The clock measures approx 33cm wide, 24cm tall and 10cm deep and weighs a whopping 3.5Kg They knew how to make things back then, no MDF or ply here!

Signed on the back and a guaranteed one off original piece. If you want this clock, or interested then you can contact me directly on the contact page for a Haggle..! or buy online from my Etsy shop Click Here Sorry Now Sold

'The ~ C E N T U R I O N ~ C L O C K ' - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece - Bonkers Steampunk

Yes, it's a clock - or an 'Inter-galactic Beta Waveform Scanning Device' (thank you Pete!) This has to be one of the most Steampunk contraptions I have made to date, and one of the most complex!

The design brief was for something that they could use in the 1890's to detect little green men, hence the listening trumpet and the Latitude and Longditude Scanners used on the machine.

A Maze of pipework and tubing. A central copper tube runs the length of the clock inset with full colour Verdurite Emanation Coils that send pulses of light all the way along the device.

Coincidentally it tells the time, you can see behind the Nixie tubes are more Verdurite coils that change colour as the Extra Terestial messages are being scanned and processed.

There are 3 main controls, the knobs on the front determine the scanner direction, and the speed of the Steampunk Engine on the LHS top that governs how quickly the machine scans and detects.

A close up of one of the Scanners, those that know my work will know it is a Dekatron tube in reality! Looks quite at home in amongst all the brass and copper pipework.

This is the little governer that sits on top of the steampunk Engine, actually a custom made piece of glass work from Glen over at Steampunk Glass, and it sits inside an old Fire sprinkler.

Now, there is actually a Space connection, this part is the business end of something called a 'Travelling Wave tube' and it is used on Satelites to beam amplified radio signals back to earth!

'The ~ T E S L A ~ C L O C K ' - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece

The Gigantic 'Tesla' Clock, named after the great electrical pioneer and inventor Nikola Tesla. This clock encompasses many features and demonstrates what is possible with a little imagination.

These are Dekatrons - old counting tubes, where the neon glow jumps from pin to pin inside giving the impression of rotation. There are 6 on the clock that you can vary direction and speed.

The main brass nameplate for the clock, the Eqpt type and Serial No are in fact Tesla's date of birth and when he died. Not forgetting of course the reference to Neon!

The center dial used to be an old French Voltmeter from the 1920's. It now displays Temp and Humidity with an endless cycling colour display behind the front facing Nixie tubes.

Just a little hint at the Steampunk styling also incorporated into the design. Nothing to crazy - unlike the Centurion clock! - but just nice to have a few brass gears and bit of pipework.

The Lower deck of the clock houses 6 of the large IN-18 Nixie tubes, again lit from underneath with full RBG so any colour can be displayed or changed on the hour. The wood is all quarter sawn Oak and original 1920's

On top is a Plasma sphere, sensitive to touch and shows a never ending display of plasma streams dancing around inside. It is activated by one of the gold buttons on the lower deck of the clock and switches itself off after 30 minutes.

The Tesla clock (and myself!) made it onto a live TV interview on our local TV station - Big Centre TV - If you so wish you can see the whole interview here where I'm talking about Nixie clocks and Nixie tubes in general. You will also spot one of the Turing clocks on the shelf behind me!

'The ~ T U R I N G ~ C L O C K S' BOTH - SOLD

Commissioned / Demonstration Piece

The Turing clock, inspired by the great Alan Turing and the work done by Bletchley Park during WWII. Design cues taken from Turing's Bombe used to decode the Enigma Machine messages. A Great Write up here By Dan at the Foxley Docket

The clocks started life as 1940's resistance Decade boxes, but all the little copper contacts on the front reminded me of some of the equipment designed by Turing, which is where the idea for the clock came from.

The one clock was made for a client, the 2nd clock is for me to take down to Liberty's of London for their Open Call event where designers get the opportunity to pitch their work. (fingers crossed!)

With all equipment of this period it is superbly made, these dovetail joints not really neccessary on a rather utilitarian decade box but they are there all the same, and perfect.

Slightly darker shot, the colours under the rather nice ZM1040 tubes change on the hour, or can cycle through all the possible shades. The central dots also flash, but I failed to capture with the camera.

The tubes plug into original 1960's sockets and the brass top plate precision machined to accommodate them. The circular design with the 12 holes is representative of a bombe.

Just a nice shot showing the structure of the tubes and the fine anode mesh. As an indication of size, the digit height on the ZM1040 tubes is 40mm.

Rear view of the clock, I've kept all the wood original - the rusted screws as they were. The control plate has a connection for a GPS module so the clock will always display the right time.

Diecon MK I - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece

The Diecon clock, as named by the client. Very steampunk and made from a little rosewood card box, circa 1860. Wonder what they would have made of this back then?

Uses the Z5700M Nixie tubes with UV lighting underneath, the brass bezel again designed to fit the clock, along with the matching nameplate - lots and lots of fiddly little brass screws!

This is one of the clocks I took along to Liberty's along with the Turing clock (elsewhere on this page) to demonstrate to them what a Nixie clock is all about.

Very easy to go overboard on the gears, and also very tricky to get them to mesh correctly. Very pretty little clock that was a pleasure to build though, Diecon Mk II next!

The Poisiden Clock - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece - Steampunk with a Nautical Twist

This is 'Poisiden' A Steampunk clock with a slight Nautical theme. Originally made from an old Burl Walnut Music box from the 1920's. The nameplate is actually Greek for 'Poisiden' as requested by the client.

Beneath the ships wheel porthole are a set of gears. These are infact hidden controls, the LHS gear is a speed control for the internal gears that turn and can be seen through the main porthole.

Here you can see the inner time gears whirring away behind the engraved plimsol mark. The gears are driven by a small electric motor fitted with a speed controller, hidden away inside the casing.

Lots of double checking of 'Port' 'Starboard' and Red and Green. I think from the clock's perspective I've got it the right way round! The Navigation lights switch off when the clock is in sleep mode.

W A T S O N - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece

Introducing 'Watson' when a 'Gordon' clock is not quite big enough! Originally a 1938 Watt Meter and now transformed into a Mantlepiece Guardian...

Rather a lot of gears, and hidden amongst them is the original 'Series' / 'Parallel' knife switch used on the instrument, when connecting it up to the circuit under test.

That little black and silver button on the right sequences through various patterns of lighting that sit behind the Nixie Tubes every time you press it. Also some more wonderfull engraving from Andy!

As it is a bigger clock than most Gordons, it has 2 Verdurite Emanation coils, a Green one and a Yellow one for added measure. The RHS features a governer from an old Autopilot of all things!

G O R D O N (4) - MK II - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece

Here's another Gordon IV - this one the MK II, although probably the 9th Gordon to come out of the workshop. The original voltmeter he's made from dates back to 1936.

The original Meter movement is carefully removed and the front dial plate is then CNC machined to accommodate the 4 IN-12 Nixie tubes and two flashing colon dots.

The mandatory steampunk decoration! Everything from old bits of maccano, brass piping, old clock gears - all recycled from old bits and pieces, I throw nothing away!

The original leather handle on the meter had long since perished. however I happened to have some of these lovely brass ones in the workshop, just a bit of careful polishing required and they're made for the job!


Commissioned Piece - On Display at the Rudloe Arms in Bath

Very pleased to have re-made one of my earliest clock's - the Captain Nemo - This is the Mk II version, and like the original it is made from an old Music Box casing - this one from the 1850's

The Pressure gauge is part of the design, along with the little cylinder underneath to drive it. The smaller brass pipe then connects to the rear boiler and combustion chamber.

In the display pods are British GN-4 Nixie tubes (all ex-Navy) and back lit with a full colour RBG light system that can change colour on the hour, or cycle through all the various combinations.

The Separators between the Hour / Minute / Second displays are individually made Neon Verdurite coils, that flash every second during the day and remain continuously lit during the night.

The Name plate and brasswork is a little more elaborate than the original piece, thanks extend to Pete Gardner for his superb design work. The wood also fully restored from its original state.

The obligatory Verdurite Emanation Coil (I hadn't invented them at the time of the 1st Nemo!) that has to go on all of my Steampunk creations, this being no exception.

A close up of the beautiful wood that was originally used, satinwood inlay with box stringing. Now brought back to life and almost mirror like in finish - a lot of time went into restoring the wood.

Another overall shot, the Display pods a different colour to the first picture. Incidentally the Drawer on the front is also fully functional, a great place to hide secret things!

~ G U E S T ~ N I X I E ~ C L O C K S ~

Every now and again I feature some Guest Nixie clocks on the site. Introducing 'Past Indicator' click any of the pictures to take you there

The Past Indicator Workshop is located in Moscow, Russia, home of “ИН” (“IN”) Nixie Tubes. Past Indicator started to produce Nixie Tube Clocks in 2012 and by now (beginning of 2016) produced over 2000 clocks. They manufacture clocks on IN-14, IN-8-2, IN-8, IN-12 and some other tubes. Also they are planning to produce Nixie Watch in the nearest future.

IN-14 clock kit

One of the Past Indicator Steampunk Clocks

Clock II with mesh in Ash and steel

Clock II in Ash and Brass

Marconi Mk III - SOLD -

Commissioned Piece

Busy few months, lots of interest in the Marconi clocks, so here's Marconi III aka 'Keith's Marconi Clock'. As they are all made to order, Keith asked if his could have a bluetooth speaker system built in.

I was also requested to keep the original calibration label from 1977 (nearly as old as me!) on top of the donor piece of equipment. The two black knobs in front of the hours are Volume and Tone accordingly.

Another excellent piece of Typography drawn by Pete, and engraved into the black Ally sheet by Andy - both on the links page. Design really sets off the theme of the clock.

Close up view of the top, showing where one of the IN-18 tubes comes up through the old Bakelite surround that used to have a control knob on top. You can also make out the glowing valves in the background.


Commissioned Piece

Made to look like a portable launching device for a Nuclear missile system, this is the 'Armageddon' clock. Made from a 1970's Wattmeter housed in a sturdy wooden casing with a carry handle.

The all important Big Red Switch, once this is triggered then the Display backlighting turns red - and the row of LED's on the front starts to count down and strobe and then flash before launch!

Close up of the Nixie tube display - uses the cold war IN-12 Russian Nixie tubes, and glowing red to indicate that the system is active. In safe mode they glow white from behind.

Very difficult to show moving LED's in a still photo! Hopefully you can see by the fading brightness what the end effect looks like. The clock then closes up with the original lid for the piece of equipment.

Marconi MK II SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Marconi clock No2, styled to look like an old Valve radio or amplifier. This one made for a fan of the 'Pixies' hence the Note logo. Giant IN-18 Nixie tubes, temperature display and a sound to light Dekatron.

Some more original artwork from Pete Gardner, excellently engraved into sheet Aluminium by Andy at engraving studios - contact details on the links page. As a custom clock, any design can be acommodated.

The Seconds display are made from 2 of the legendary GN-4 Nixie tubes, back lit with the same RGB coloured LED's for the main tubes. You can also see a neat herringbone pattern engraved into the Aluminium

Final very fitting image of Marconi II in it's end place with the Customer. Many thanks to Doug for the kind Testimonial offered below.


"Dear Paul

I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon your website as I embarked on finding a new clock for my stereo listening room a few months ago.

I was looking for something functional, yet out of the ordinary, and I couldn't be happier with the fabulous finished product that you created for me.

The entire design and build process was seamless and very engaging - working with you via email from Toronto and receiving periodic updates from you with pictures that showed the progress of the project was always exciting and made me feel like I was very much a part of the overall process.

I must tell you that everyone that enters our home is completely drawn in and mesmerized by this very unique and exceptional piece of work. It’s absolutely stunning and I could not have asked for more."

Dr Who Timelord Clock - 4 / 10 SOLD

Commissioned Piece

No 4 in the Dr Who series, this one has a central Time Gyroscope in the middle - all rear illuminated and motorized to make it turn. The Gyroscope is originally from a Spitfire!

A closer view of the Gyro, and also the surround engraved with a quote from the episisode 'Blink', You have to be a Dr Who fan to realise what it is about.. Angels..!!

This one uses some rather nice Dolam LC531 Nixie tubes with cyan under lighting - looks very neat next to the central deep blue fading Tardis light, set on the brass top plate.

Very happy with the gearing arrangement, could not help tweak this picture a little as I've newly discovered a photo ageing tool and been looking for an excuse to use it!


Commissioned Piece

Just over 4ft tall 'The Time Machine' This has been a while in the making, but here it is. Fully capable of travelling backwards and forwards in time in a very Steampunk Manner.

Time travelling functions are set from the main control panel at the front by moving various levers and knobs. All regulated by the Temporal Coherer in the face of the clock.

This lever determines the direction of travel, to the left we go into the future and to the right into the past, the knob to the right of the lever determines how far you travel.

This lever engages the multicoloured Time Crystal that sits behind the row of Nixie tubes, the flashing flux capacitor sits above the lever.

With the direction and distance set, the flux capacitor fluxing and the Time Crystal engaged, you then pull the large lever on the side of the machine to travel in time....

The Time Machine was made from a 1920's clocking in machine - supplied by the client. I added everything else that you see here, and of course made it time travel with quite a bit of copper piping!

The Time Crystal is indeed a real selenite crystal, chosen because it diffuses colour beautifully. Inside are 2 RGB Leds that cycle through various patterns when activated.

A Closer view of the inner workings, everything from a French weed sprayer to an old fire extinguisher. A resistance decade box, coils and all manner of fittings! You can see a clip Here of it all working :)

1915 Kodak Camera SOLD

Commissioned Piece

This was a nice interesting project, turn a 1915 Kodak Brownie Camera into a Nixie clock! Made for the Cheltenham Camera club's 150th Anniversary celebrations happening in October this year.

It also uses parts from a 1960's camera flash to sit behind the Nixie tubes. The blue lighting under the tubes illuminates the whole of the flash reflector area giving this nice effect.

Front on you can see the viewfinder bottom right, and the camera also has a light source inside to make the front lens illuminate. There is also a bright led in the centre of the flash that fires every 5 seconds.

The Camera also inadvertenly doubles up as a lighthouse! The internal lighting through the lens is pretty strong. Thankfully you can reduce the Iris on the camera to turn it down a little!


Introducing Blott Works, I found these absoloutely wonderful Lamps and clocks - all hand made by Dan at Blott Works. I think they are superb and I thought I would share them with you. Please take a look further look at some of Dan's amazing work here or by clicking on any of the pictures below.

The Bustard Lamp

The Amazing Chain Clock

Alchemist Clamshell Lamp

The Crane Lamp



This is No 3 of 10 of the Dr Who clocks - Number 4 & 5 now also spoken for. I think out of the Dr Who clocks I've made so far this one is my favourite, the Temporal Circuit works really well.

The front Gearing and detail sort of bleeds onto the top. I did have to sacrifice another rather nice westminster chiming clock, but I think it was worth it. There is a hidden button to operate the Temporal circuit in the middle.

The top plate, with the IN-8 Nixie tubes fitted on this particular clock as they suited the case better. The detailing on the top engraving is a Gallifray script describing the Dr's name and year of build.

Don't know why, but I love these little antique brass feet. They seem to transform it from a 'Box' into a 'Thing' if that makes any sense? - Maybe just me.. LOL. Will be posting No's 4 and 5 as I build them.

The Bulldog Clock SOLD

Commissioned Piece

This is a new one for me, the Bulldog clock made as a memorial piece for my client. The clock has a fully featured 6 digit Nixie clock with RGB lighting and made from mahogany and brass.

The original item was a lid of a decade box, there is still a couple of marks where the handle used to go. It then sits on a mahogany plinth and has some brass corners, the same as the Hampton clock.

The Bulldog himself is a real hot cast bronze, weighs nearly a Kilo and had to be firmly anchored to the base, as it is metal though I managed to drill and tap quite easily and bolt him down.

Just a nice shot of the glowing tubes and the underlighting reflecting off the brass top plate and the varnished woodwork. A very distinguished looking clock that I know will be treasured.


Commissioned Piece

Well, you're not going to miss this one! The enormous glowing Faraday Nixie Clock. This is a combination of many design features, and an extremely detailed piece that took over 6 months to put together.

The Piece comprises of a 6 Digit Nixie clock, an analogue FM / AM radio with old school tuning dial, there is a very powerful Sony bluetooth system built in, as well as other features!

The dial is illuminated, and changes colour on the hour, the front bezel specially made to fit and the serial number is the initials of the client. Those chunky knobs came from a 1930's oscilloscope!

Side on, you can see the glowing coils and brass arrangement. The actual controls for the glowing coils are hidden in the brass decoration, you pull a little lever to activate either blue or green (or both!) lighting.

The top of the clock has a custom made brass bezel, and some detailing added to hide the original place where the hinges used to fit on the original meter that this clock is made from.

Some more hidden controls, this knob you actually turn, and it controls the sensitivity of the front dial - yes it moves in relation to ambient sound, or whatever the radio is playing.

Zoomed out a bit, this shot gets in all of the antenna. This is a large piece, nearly 4 foot to the very top! and weighs a tonne as the meter movement is made from cast iron.

As well as time, the large IN-18 Nixie tubes also display the date, and the temperature. The clock is based on one of Pete's Spectrum kits, and takes full advantage of all its features.


Commissioned Piece

The Latest in the Gordon Family, Gordon No7. Thankfully one of the less complicated ones and he does what it says on the tin - tells the time and has a single glowing Verdurite coil.

Made from a lovely vintage Elliott volt meter, this one had all the ranges selectable by the terminals on the side. I've kept the handle in the original condition where the leather was missing.

Thought I would have a little experiment with this one, it's the first time I've added a drive chain to one of my Steampunk designs, I think it works quite well so may well see a few more!

Nicely engraved nameplate and bezel surround, no mistaking a Gordon clock. I have a couple of other Voltmeters available, certainly enough to take me up to Gordon Ten - that will be a special one, any takers?


Commissioned Piece

Proud to present the MKII Neon Reactor.. Complete with plasma sphere, glowing and flashing Verdurite Emanation coils, a Temporal Coherer, and some lovely large IN-18 Nixie tubes. All fully functional and completely bonkers Steampunk.

Some lovely artwork by Pete Gardner on this clock, and excellently engraved by Andy & Mandy. The Clock was based on an old Cambridge potentiometer and now looks very little like the original bit of kit!

You can see the Temporal Coherer in the little window where the original galvanometer dial used to sit. The whole front panel was resprayed black as the original was a rather dull Grey colour, and it shows all the Neon and Plasma! off to better effect.

Although not clear in this picture, there is a clockwork movement inset in the LHS of the casing. It is all motorised and activated by the 'Gears' switch on the front of the clock. You can see it better by looking 'In the Pipeline' page here while it was being built.


100 Million Year Old Commissioned Piece

Quite an Epic build putting this one together - 'Cyclops Deep Time' the 100 Million year old clock. Made for a Micro-palaeontologist and has a fossil theme.

Rather a lot of custom designed brass work, 5 pieces in total, rear illuminated back piece, plasma sphere, glowing coils and it also has a Bluetooth sound system, iphone charger.. said it was epic!

Top clock panel has the IN-8 tubes, blue backlit and the colon separators are made the same way I make the glowing coils, but I used Neon bulbs rather than Led's.

Rear plate custom engraved with the clients Initials. The hexagonal design is based on Radiolaria, which are microscopic fossils, the pattern is the geometric skeleton many are made from.

In a lower light you can see that this is a well illuminated piece. The internal glowing coils are functional and indicate GPS lock etc - Yes it has a GPS receiver attached to always display the correct time.

The front centrepiece is a 100,000,000 year old Ammonite fossil as supplied by the client that I incorporated into the design. Not the easiest thing to mount, but very happy with it.

As a further touch, behind the rear panel is a secondary panel of clear acrylic with the same pattern engraved into it, but just a fraction smaller. I've lit this from underneath to get the blended colour effect.

Nice shot of the central plasma sphere that the clock was named after. The clock was originally made out of a regular Voltmeter I was going to turn into a Gordon clock - I think this much better :)



A Deluxe Dr Who Timelord clock, with integrated Sonic Screwdriver stand. It also has a Space Time Continuum Dekatron in the front panel, and various flashing coils.

Nope, it's not broken - as it is only 4 digits, the minutes revert to seconds and count down the last 5 seconds of every minute. The Blue tardis led then flashes slowly every 5 seconds.

The front view is where I get to play and add in all the gears and piping, the large round wheel on the left is part of an old 1950's Meccano set, the rest are all pieces from a chiming mantle clock.

With the Screwdriver removed you can see the detail on the stand, all made from scavenged brass parts. Incidentally pressing the silver button unleashes random quotes and sound effects from the shows! - EXTERMINATE -


~Limited Availability~ Email In

The Gallifray Timelord Clock, made to look like it came out of the 8th Doctor's Tardis. A lot of time and effort went into the production of this special clock, but it is really pretty as a result!

There is a definite Steampunk theme to the 8th Doctor, even the opening titles now feature gear wheels and cogs, and it just happens to be something I'm quite well practised at..

The Brass top plate has Gallifray script engraved on the top which spells out the Dr's Name when viewed from above. The central blue light fades out once every 5 seconds, just like the one on top of the Tardis.

I will be making a strictly limited run of these clocks, they will all be slightly different but feature the same top plate and all signed as limited edition by myself. Email in if interested.

Extremely Steampunk 'Gemini In Tempore' SOLD

The most complex and detailed clock I have made to date

Gemini In Tempore, Latin for 'Twins in Time' to my knowledge this is the only Dual time-zone Steam punk Nixie clock in existence. Everything you see on the clock functions from the Steam engine to the Chimney!

Across the top is the boiler, the Beam steam engine and then the Thermometer / Hygrometer display. Located between the Engine and the Thermometer are two brass finials, these are in fact hidden control knobs!

As well as concealed controls on the top, there is a dedicated control panel on the side of the clock for setting all the times, and controlling both the motorized parts on the clock.

The magnificent front panel is made from 2 sheets of brass, laid on top of each other and brushed in opposite directions. The Panel was drawn by Pete Gardner and Andy at Engraving studios converted the drawing into a physical object - stunning job!

A close up of some of the work and detail that has gone into this piece. A very fine line between the engraved gears and the real ones, both incorporated to give this result.

As an added little twist, the centre part is the directional Gyro from a Spitfire - driven by a motor to rotate once a minute. Some of the gears on the front of the clock also come from a Spitfire.

The Front panel was styled on a watch movement, here you can see the Advance / Retard selector for regulating the accuracy. Just pass the regulator you can see the glass envelope of one of the Dekatrons.

Here's a HD You-tube Clip of Gemini running, complete with Steam engine and all! Superbly produced put together by Pete Gardner


Made for General Sale"

Well, here's an odd looking Steampunk Clock - Kind of let my imagination run a bit wild with this one! It has a set of removable glasses to adjust the size of the digits. Edited photo By Longbow Photography

The top is adorned with 3 glowing radio valves, and the usual assortment of brass pipework and gears all over the rest of the clock, it even has little brass feet I scavenged off an old mantle clock.

A close up of one of the Digits. The Yellow dot is a random flashing light, one over each digit and they flash and flicker all the time which draws attention to the piece. You decide what they do!

Because Clarence needs glasses to operate, you can only view the time when looking directly at him, so he will need to live on a mantelpiece or at eye height to read the Nixies through the lenses.

Brass Araminta SOLD

Commissioned Piece

A slight variation on the Deco Araminta clocks, this is a Brass Steampunk version I was asked to make. Picture taken in a low light to try and show the detail off a bit more.

Normal lighting, the tubes are too bright for the camera to deal with - ultimately though we changed the tubes to red ones in the end as it suited the design better. 10 points if anyone can identify the brass item on the side..

If you were wondering, this is actually an old fire sprinker head turned upside down and fitted with a Verdurite emanation coil, I kinda like the little hat thing it has going on!

The Finished clock in the Clients home, with red tubes as these looked better in the end. A very nice little clock to put together. I think the Brass version of the Deco styling works really well, I doubt this will be the last Brass Araminta!

'The Marconi Clock' SOLD

Custom made to look like a 1940's Radio Set

The Marconi clock - Model JT (The initials of the client I made it for) This is a great looking clock and certainly makes for a conversation piece. Styled to look like an early Radio set.

Despite the old fashioned appearance, this uses the latest direct drive electronics - gets it's time signal from a GPS satellite and even displays the ambient temperature.

As per the name of the clock, this has original 1940's Marconi radio valves installed at the rear along with a discreetly hidden Temperature sensor and GPS Lock indicator.

The Superhet is an shortened version of 'Superheterodyne receiver' - a system invented in 1918 to improve the selectivity and sensitivity of radio receivers of the time. It is still used today!

The Seconds indicator uses GN-4 Nixie tubes, backlit with full colour RBG lighting, the same as the large IN-18 tubes used on the top of the clock. The clock is based on the PV electronics 'Spectrum' kit.

The donor item was a 'Cambridge Resistance Bridge' probably early 1950's as it suited itself to this conversion perfectly. The two big brass terminals are where the unknown load used to be connected.

The Tubes now sit where the original resistance selector knobs used to go. You can just see the scaling factor of X1000 on the Bakelite base piece. The glowing red coil indicates that it has a GPS lock for the correct time.

In short, a very nice clock - I had great fun building this one. I do have another original Cambridge resistance box, so I can re-create another one of these magnificent clocks if you want one.

AudioDyne SOLD

Audiophile Nixie Clock

Something a little different - 'AudioDyne' rather than fit Nixie tubes behind the dial, I've made the dial respond as a VU meter from ambient sound - the original meter used to display decibels so very appropriate.

Designed to compliment a Valve amplifier, the dial has a soft white back light and there are illuminated audio valves on top, along with the 4 IN-8 Nixie tubes.

The Front and top panel is engraved out of authentic Traffolyte material that was available in the 1950's. It has been toned down and aged a bit to suit the appearance of the rest of the clock. The Mic is hidden in the middle of the front label.

The rear of the clock deserves a picture, looks like the original casing was made from rosewood or similar. This is a great little clock and will probably not be available for very long. Contact me if interested or I can list on Etsy.

Gordon VI - MK II - SOLD -

Watch out to see in Fungus the Bogeyman on Sky 1 this Xmas

Well how dinky is this little Fella.. It's a Gordon VI MK 2 as someone asked me to turn the original meter into a clock. Just like a regular Gordon but about 50% smaller!

Just above the nameplate, you can make out a winding key that sits on the top. It has a 4 digit IN-12 Nixie display and backlit with a complimentary orange colour to match the tubes.

The LHS of the clock has a Green Verdurite Emanation coil, and on the RHS we have all the steam regulating pipework to keep everything inside in order!

The original meter was military in origin and dated to 1942, which you can just still make out under the 2nd Nixie tube. Just a simple voltmeter with 3 ranges selected via the terminals on the top.

Primrose Solar Power Monitor - S O L D -

Commissioned Piece

Not technically a clock, this was commissioned by Primrose Solar to display how many MW/h of electricity are produced from their Solar farms in the UK. Looks 1930's on the outside and inside is bang up to date with WiFi and embedded tech.

It has 9 of the very large IN-18 tubes, lit with RGB led lighting and they are controlled by a Raspberry Pi. There is a detailed explanation of the build if you would like further info here The whole process took about 3 months.

What looks like a dial pointer, is actually a second hand from a regular wall clock! It is driven via a servo motor controlled by the Raspberry Pi, and can be programmed to indicate voltage / current etc.

I am not limited to just making timepieces - I'll have a go at anything! This was an interesting project for me to work on, and still involves a lot of the processes and steps required to make a clock.

Godfrey III - S O L D -

Watch out to see in Fungus the Bogeyman on Sky 1 this Xmas

Godfrey III and shortly to be joined by Godfrey II. The Godfrey is part Nixie clock and part Clockwork and thoroughly Steam punk in appearance and covered in brass thingies.

You can see the green Verdurite Emanation coil hiding behind an old Ansonia clock movement. This particular Godfrey is dated 2014, it has been a slow build as not required until the end of August.

Lots of polished brass gearing, and there is actually a platform escapement on this one that has a balance wheel. To the far right there is also a little electromagnetic piston.

Original leather handle on the LHS. The whole top of the instrument was used to accommodate all the terminals required. Unusually this one seems to be made from Oak, the majority of meters are mahogany or rosewood in construction.

A R A M I N T A - I I - S O L D -

Gorgeous little Deco clock

Following on from the Original Araminta clock, I made another as I had another little Burl Walnut box in the workshop. Gorgeous little clock and measures a petite 12cm x 10cm x 10cm that you can put anywhere.

The Custom front and top engraving done in 1930's deco style, engraved into polished aluminium. If they made Nixie Clocks in the 30's then this is what they would have looked like!

The tubes are also lit from underneath with a soft red glow, that compliments the dark walnut and the orange glow of the Nixie tubes. I also like the ebony stringing around the perimeter.

As with all my clocks I use real Vintage things to make them. This box dates to the early 1900's and there are a few chips to the veneer, it is an old box and has had a life!


Goliath by name Goliath in Size

A very large and very Steampunk Clock, using the big IN-18 tubes. The clock is based on an old 1930's Laboratory resistance box, I have left the front as it was originally made as it looks perfect.

Various little scientific instruments dotted over the clock, the brass sphere is a hygrometer mounted on top of one of the original internal resistance coils, along with a period pressure gauge on top.

Goliath has a Triple Verdurite Emanation Coil system, as well as the green one on the side. I had some specially made brass bushes to centre the coils inside the copper piping.

Square on, you can see that it really is quite an intimidating and sizeable clock. The 4 little feet are in fact drawer handles to give you some idea of the size!

The 221B Sherlock Holmes Clock SOLD

Right out of 221B Baker St

Suitably Steampunk in appearance, the 221B Nixie clock - themed from the stories of Sherlock Holmes. Used in his laboratory to aid in his deductions and sleuthing!

Ok, well it didn't really come from 221B Baker St, it is actually based on a Victorian Ladies glove box, dating back to circa 1870 and has a selection of beautiful wooden veneers.

An explosion of colour and light, a real eye catching clock - complete with a Verdurite Emanation coil on the side. The large glass reactor vessels are all authentic period glassware, although I must admit I have no clue as to their original purpose!

The detailing to the brass engraving picks up on the same pattern as originally inlaid into the wood, some more excellent work from Pete Gardner on the typography.

LITTLE Capt'n NEMO Clock - S O L D -

Commissioned Piece

Now here's a blast from the past, the Little Nemo clock. I originally made the Large Captain Nemo back in Feb 2014, and subsequently helped a few other people make one, a great looking clock with a lot of character.

An old friend asked if I could assemble him a 'Little Nemo' clock, he had gathered all the parts together but asked if I could put it all together and this is the resulting clock :)

I had great fun in putting this one together, it is a cut down version only having HH and MM but still keeps the feel and charm of the original Captain Nemo clock - you can find right at the bottom of this page.

Little Nemo has an original Brass pressure gauge and the valve underneath is actually copper, which I didn't know until I had cleaned it up a little. Would not be a Nemo clock without one.

The Chronox Large Tube clock~ SOLD

Other Chronox Clocks can be made to Order

Introducing the 'Chronox' Nixie Tube clock, similar to a 'Magnox' but has 6 large tubes protruding from the top, and just a hint of scientific styling with a 1940's design theme.

Some more of Pete's excellent Typography - Hand drawn and then engraved into original period traffolyte. The traffolyte material is also used for the tube bezel on top and the rear setting panel.

Along with the thermionic valves, the Nixies are under lit with a warm amber colour, to give the impression there are heating elements inside and to make the piece look authentic, as though the valves are vital to the operation of the clock.

The Chronox features a Dekatron on the front, and just a little brass piping as a bit of detail. The knob on the RHS of the clock alters the Dekatron speed when turned. I have several cases that I can make into Chronox clocks if you want one.

Pandora Mk II SOLD

Another Pandora from the Workshop!

I love making these little Pandora clocks, they all have a curved brass pipe out the side and a dark satin wood box - this one has ebony stringing around the edges.

This one has a circular Temporal Antenna on the LHS and a strange hovering red blob in the glass chamber on the RHS, both of them Steampunk contraptions to make the device function.

A close up of the Steampunk gearing and the spring mechanism at the bottom of the Antenna, and you can see the detail of the honeycomb Anode plate inside the Nixie tube.

The "Temporal Antenna" - well it is actually the balance wheel off a carriage clock turned upside down! The brass screws were originally used to make tiny adjustments to the balance of the wheel.

Gordon Mk IV SOLD

The Clockwork Gordon - Commissioned Piece

The Client asked if I could incorporate a clockwork mechanism similar to a Godfrey clock, and this is the result that I came up with. As an added extra I fitted a motor, so all the internal gears turn and rotate.

A close up view of the Gearing, there is even a drive belt to turn the larger gear from the smaller one. The big outer gear does not rotate, but it frames the inner workings perfectly.

The styling and imagery have been kept the same as all the other Gordon clocks. I'm currently on Gordon VII at the time of writing this as they seem a very popular design of clock.

I should stick to making clocks and leave the photography to people who know what they are doing! It is a nice little clock, and probably my favourite Gordon to date.

The MAGNOX III Nuclear Clock £POA SOLD

Commissioned Piece

This is Number III in the range of Magnox clocks. The Magnoxes all have 4 digits and a menacing red light on top, and are made from old scientific resistance boxes, this happens to be a wooden one.

The styling is detailed for the late 50's Atomic era and this one has a side ratings plate just to finish it off. The Magnoxes are very popular and as you can see visually very appealing

The Ratings plate is a little tongue in cheek, but gives the general idea that it is not your everyday bit of equipment! Very happy to make this one, for the same customer who brought my first ever clock - Thank you Dave for your continued support!

With all the Magnoxes, there is a distinct white glow from behind the back of the Nixie tubes - hinting at something powerful and contained within the casing of the clock.

Gordon Mk VI SOLD

The Miniature Gordon Clock

Gordon 6, built the same way as all the other Gordon's before it, but this one started out as a little tiny voltmeter - you can hold it in the palm of your hand, it even has a tiny glowing coil!

The wood the clock is made from I believe to be Elm, and has polished up lovely. You can see the original terminals where the meter was connected upto circuits for test and measurement.

A close up of the Steampunk Detailing on the front of the clock, some of the parts were originally inside the meter. There is a mix of Brass and Copper pipework on this one.

A side view, you can see the massive cooling resistors attached to the side of the clock. The clock, and all the other Gordon's use the Russian IN-12 tubes as they are very robust and slightly quirky.

Clara ~Steampunk Special~ SOLD

Commissioned Back to the Future Clock

Made for a fan of Back to the Future, this is the Clara clock and based on BTTF 3 which is set in 1855. Clara was the name of the lady that the Doc married, and the clock doesn't look out of time!

It wouldn't be complete without a Flux Capacitor, so with thanks from Glen at Steampunk Glass we made the worlds only Steampunk Flux Capacitor which is a lot prettier than the original one.

The clock initially started out as a Pandora clock, but evolved somewhat throughout the design phase. It does show however what is possible with a little thought and imagination.

With the lights a bit lower you can see the Capacitor 'Fluxing' along with the Dekatron and the glow of the IN-8 Nixie tubes. This was a great clock to put together!

Gordon Mk V SOLD

The Oodle Noodle Gordon Clock

I will always remember this one as Gordon V, the owner will forever call it the Oodle Noodle Clock! Very similar indeed to the first Gordon clock, but impossible to make an exact copy.

It is easy for me to change the engraving and styling of a piece to suit your individual requirements, just get in touch if you want a design of your wen incorporating into a clock.

I love the little wooden handle on the top of this clock, always on the look out for these old meters that have them. I have a few more in the Garage to make some future Gordons from.

On the rear of the clock, the large brass discs are the original securing mounts for the internal dial movement. I think they look better polished up and on display.

Steampunk 'Demolition Clock' - £POA - SOLD

A Showcase clock, made as a commissioned piece. It encompasses many features and highlights what can be achieved to make a very unique and eye catching clock.

The Demolition Clock, a very steampunk clock indeed, made from a WWII 'Demolition Tester' used for verifying the cabling on explosive charges before detonation, a very unusual object to start with!

Featuring the QTC electronics and the very robust and reliable IN-8-2 tubes, the orange Neon glow reflects beautifully of the polished brass tube surround, bearing the clocks name.

The business end of the clock, designed to look like a high voltage device with mysterious coils and strange vacuum tube devices, you could almost imagine a spark ready to leap across.

The Clock is interactive, the front controls on the original equipment activate various features. If you turn one of knobs into the 'Fusion' position, then this coil starts to strobe.

A closer view of the control panel, with the 'Fusion' knob. There are also 2 Dekatrons incorporated into the design, the speed of one controlled by another of the original knobs.

The horn on top also contains a light source - selectable from yet another front panel control, and by chance I noted you can turn the horn round and it projects a pattern onto the wall.

More of the gearing and Steampunk control mechanisms, the fusion pipe coming from the rear of the clock and going off to the high voltage section!

David with 'Demoliton' along with Kathy who commissioned Decem Neo - Pictures from a Nixie clock unveiling Party!

Steampunk 'The Edison Clock' SOLD

A Showcase clock, made over many months for general sale. Part Test equipment, part Steampunk - a mix of the two.

The Edison Clock, made from a 1952 Edison Swan CRO Monitor or Oscilloscope. Military in origin probably used as an early Radar display either in the airborne or on the ground.

I've kept the original character of the piece of equipment, just replaced some of the old Bakelite knobs with lovely GN-4 Nixie tubes to turn it into a clock.

The front plate used to be black, and over the years has faded to this lovely burnt brown colour. That can't be faked, it is the accumulation of over 60 years in daylight!

In darker conditions this clock comes alive, the Meter is illuminated, as are the Nixie tubes and the plasma sphere dances randomly. Even the power light functions!

The Meter up close, you can just make out the Air Ministry mark and the needle moves with the clock, pulsing once a second.

The rear of the clock, you can see all the original connectors and switches. The central plate has the controls to set the clock, which used to be an inspection panel.

As I wished to keep the front of the clock exactly as it was, the name of the clock is engraved onto the rear. The whole panel was sent up to Engraving Studios to get that done!

The Plasma sphere, just finishes off the clock, and adds extra interest. One of the front switches turns it on and off, although I expect you will keep it on :)


Commissioned Piece

The 'Resistance' Clock, made from Bakelite and has been carefully persuaded to tell the time. Kept all the original details on this lovely little clock including all the little resistance pegs

The top plate is made from an original 1950's Traffolyte, where there is a sandwich of black / white / black material. The engraving cuts away the the top layer exposing the white inner.

A closer view of the top plate, where you can see the sandwich of the black and white. Just like bakelite it is an early plastic and very brittle and difficult to work with!

Even on the rear setting plate that you never see, the detail has been kept to include little chrome surrounded buttons to match the resistance pegs on the front. Very smart little clock

Gorgeous Art Deco Araminta Clock - POA SOLD

Araminta II available soon

Brand new and for General sale, the charming little Araminta clock. Made to look like it came from Liberty's in the height of the Art Deco Period. Made from an original 1930's Burl Walnut box

Gentle Pink under lighting for the dainty little tubes, and the top cartouche made just to fit the clock - The styling was done by Pete Gardner and the design is outstanding.

The clock uses a Quattro kit from PV electronics and uses 13mm digit tubes. Very subtle and elegant, a change from some of the steampunk clocks, but just as original.

The front panel in detail, the only thing that gives it away is the year 2014. If they could have made Nixie clocks in the 20's then this is what it would look like!

The MAGNOX II Nuclear Clock £POA SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Following on from the original 'MAGNOX' Clock, I was commissioned to make another so here is Magnox II. I am also working on a Magnox III and IV as this seems a very popular design.

It has the authentic menacing red light, white backlit tubes and the amazing graphical design skills of Pete Gardner and Engraving Studios to create the Magnox labels.

Based on an old 1930's Inductance box, it is made from steel and would probably withstand a Nuclear blast! These are great feature clocks and really look the business.

On top the Atomic symbol and the Bad Dog Designs Logo. This one also has a very special dedication on the rear ratings plate! I won't put it on the site, but ask if you wish to see.


Godfrey's Smaller Brother

This is 'Gordon' a smaller brother of the 'Godfrey' Steampunk Clock. This one is sold but I have another 4 meters I can convert into similar clocks, you will find them here: Starting Points

Very steampunk in styling, and completed with a custom made brass bezel that fits the front of the meter. The side of the clock has a Glowing Verdurite coil and plenty of brasswork to the front.

The Graphic design for Gordon was done by Pete Gardner, and machined into the actual brass plate by the guys over at Engraving Studios.co.uk which really finished off the piece.

Really happy with the look and feel of this clock. The original instrument was made in 1924 - some 90 years before I got my hands on it!


Commissioned Piece

Following on from the original 'Gordon' clock - this is Gordon MKII. Still a Gordon, but a few subtle differences, the clock has 6 top mounted tubes and a Dekatron mounted in the dial.

It would not be complete without the Green Verdurite Emanation coil on the side. I have commissions in the pipeline for Gordon III and IV, they are proving to be very popular clocks.

As it is a 6 tube design, it is powered by a QTC kit and has the lovely IN-8-2 tubes fitted. The top brass plate custom made to fit the clock.

In addition to the gearing, there is a central brass push button that controls the operation of the dekatron in the dial, and also a Heat exchanger on the far right!


Commissioned Piece

Following on from the original 'Gordon' clock - this is Gordon MKIII. Still a Gordon, but a few subtle differences, the clock has 6 top mounted tubes and a Dekatron mounted in the dial. This is my favourite one to date.

It would not be complete without the Green Verdurite Emanation coil on the side. I have commissions in the pipeline upto Gordon VII!

The Styling is more Deco in appearance, and follows the cues from the aluminum dial surround. One comment was that it looked like a big eye staring at you!

It doesn't necessarily have to be brass for the engraving, this Gordon has Black and silver, which with the rating plate on the front go together very well.

Decem - Neo £POA SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Decem Neo, A very pretty little Steampunk Clock made as a commission. Has some beautiful Dolam tubes, a lot of brasswork and a Dekatron incorporated into the front panel.

This picture shows the detail of the hexagonal anode grid within the tube, and the reflection against the pristine engraved nameplate. The clock started life as a small resistance decade box.

As with any commissioned clock, you can have a lot of customisation and personalisation done. The rear label reads "Time Changes but my Love stays the Same" a lovely dedication.

My favourite part of any Steampunk clock build is applying the brasswork and gears. I try and get it to give the illusion it is 'functional' rather than just stuck on the casing.

~ Admirality CLOCK ~ SOLD

Little Steampunk Carriage clock

Cute little Steampunk clock - used to be an old 'Admirality meter, Ex MOD used for testing battery current. I loved the wooden casing and original brass fittings

Probably as small as I can get away with, the curve of the dial just accommodates the 4 IN-12 nixie tubes hiding away in there. You have to view it straight on to see the time properly.

The Brass contraption on the side is actually a real 'coherer' not one of my temporal coherers! It used to be used for detecting radio signals and is full of iron filings.

I particularly like the inset brass handle on the top that folds flush into the surface. Beautiful little clock and now with its very happy owner!

Steampunk 'Neon - Reactor' - £POA - SOLD

You're not going to miss this clock sitting in your den or workshop. Very imposing and very big - featuring probably the best large tubes available the ZM1042's

Called the Neon Reactor, because there is a lot of Neon in this clock. as well as the 6 huge Nixie tubes there is an animated Dekatron tube in the middle of the Galvanometer.

A Better view of the ZM1042 and it is of course lit from underneath with UV light. 2 high power LED's per tube which gives a very visible glow even in broad daylight.

The woodwork of the original test instrument has been cleaned up and re-finished, but not overly so - it has the odd little dimple or imperfection, looks just about right.

Up close the Dekatron built into the middle of the Galvanometer dial. Again all back lit with UV and pressing one of the buttons on the front of the instrument will change the scan pattern

Originally it was a combined Wheatstone bridge and Galvanometer all in one. Probably dating from the late 50's early 60's, very well made and of solid construction.

With the clock angled slightly to the side, you can just see the control panel where you adjust the time / date settings and all the other parameters.

In the dark though it really looks something else, a subtle mixture of Neon and UV light and all the movement of the tubes and the Dekatron

1920's Metropolis Clock POA SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Wonderful themed clock, based on the 1927 film 'Metropolis' by Fritz Lang. The clock is based on an old Cambridge instruments 1930's Decade box and has a 6 tube IN-8 kit fited inside.

A lot of work went into the design and manufacture of the brass plate (which will be aged) to ensure the styling and font match the period - again Andy at Engraving studios pulled it out of the bag!

The graphic design was done by Pete Gardner - as on the Links page. There will be a few more clocks featuring Pete's amazing work in the near future, the Magnox Clock will be next up.

Brasswork has been 'aged' to look more in keeping with the rest of the design and appearance of the clock. The lettering has been in-filled and the brass filed and slightly distressed. The end result looks brilliant

The MAGNOX Nuclear Clock £POA SOLD

Straight out of a Nuclear Scientists Laboratory from the 1950's - The Magnox Clock. Created from a Steel 4 decade resistance box and made specifically to look from the early Atomic Age.

Bright white back lighting to the tubes, and special credits to Pete Gardner for the Graphics design, and Andy & Mandy at the engraving studio to make it a reality - links to both on the links page.

It wouldn't be an Atomic clock without this on the top, sadly inside it isn't a real Atomic clock but has a PV electronics FunKlock buried deep inside to keep the time.

To finish off the design, there is a throbbing and rather menacing looking red lamp on the top. Some people have commented it looks a little like a Bomb! especially when the tubes do the Slots routine.

Genus 22-7-39 £POA SOLD

Commissioned Piece

This is a simply adorable little Steampunk Clock, the smallest one I have made to date. Features a green glowing Verdurite Emanation coil and a top hanging neon separator.

Very pretty and measures just under 14cm wide. Inside it is powered by a PV electronics 'Quattro' Kit and has been slightly modified to accept the rather nice Russian IN-8 tubes.

The Name 'Genus 22-7-39' Is a cryptic reference to the clock - Go and consult a Periodic table.. This has some of the smallest engraved brasswork that is possible to make.

Some very nice gearing on the front, and just about the right amount of decoration for the clock. I have materials to make another similar if you want one.

Art Deco Mantle clock £POA - SOLD

This is an original 1920/30's Art Deco Mantle clock, that I have removed the non working mechanism and fitted a Halo Nixie Clock with 4 of the GN-4 tubes.

Square on, it is quite an imposing clock. Not sure if I can describe it as Steampunk, although it is primarily wood and brass. I really like the Burl walnut front. it took a bit of Sanding and varnishing to get it looking this way though.

The Brass engraving on this clock is a real testament to the skill of the engravers who made it (details on the Links page) My task was quite a simple one, just to draw it!

Currently has Blue back lighting, although I might change this to red. It took about a month to get this from the original clock to the finished article.

Steampunk Lighthouse Thermometer - £POA - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Not actually a clock, this is a Steampunk Thermometer that also displays Humidity. Based on a Lighthouse Lamp from Van Halen co (Links Page) and a Thermometer movement from Monjibox.

It uses a special IN-19 Nixie tube to display the '%' and degrees 0C symbols. It does also of course have twin Verdurite Emanation coils to help power it all.

Some very nice woodwork to the base, nearly an inch of solid mahogany to support the lighthouse and keep everything stable and firmly planted on the desk. Original period labels also fitted as an extra touch.

And of course, it functions as a Lamp - It uses 20 high power white LED's in the top for a cool and efficient source of light, a really novel item!

Beautiful Steampunk 'Pandora's Clock' - £POA - SOLD

With added Temporal Coherer..

Proud to present 'Pandora's Clock' a Steampunk special with an adjustable Temporal Coherer - because every SteamPunk widget needs one.

A lot of brass went into this clock - gears, coils, plates and even some trumpet parts. Some of it is functional too as it regulates the speed at which the Temporal Coherer rotates at.

Originally this started out as a small 1870's sewing / jewellery box - very pretty with ebony stringing to all the edges and the body made from satinwood veneer and polished.

The Central dot between the Hours and Minutes is also a Nixie tube an INS-1 and Russian made, along with the IN-8-2 tubes that are used on this clock. Powered by a 'Quattro' Kit inside.

This gear when turned adjusts the speed of the Temporal Coherer (actually an OG-4 Dekatron counting tube) and you can match it to 1 revolution per second as it runs independently from the clock.

Looking down at the top of the tubes, you can make out the individual plates (Glyphs) that are used for each digit - stacked up on top of each other inside the tube.

With the light down low a little, this clock really stands out. The camera had a slightly longer shutter and you can see each of the illuminated cathodes on the Dekatron. When running only one is ever lit at a time.

Pandora now with her new owner, sitting proudly on top of two pistons out of a Merlin engine.. super!

Godfrey Steampunk Ticking Clock - £POA - SOLD

Featured in 'STUFF' Magazine October 2014

This is the 'Godfrey' Clock and I believe it to be a first in that it ticks (loudly) Very Steampunk in styling and even features a Verdurite Emanation Coil as the power source.

Lovely old original brass clock movement, also has an alarm - but as you can't see the hands you have no idea when it will trigger, so you wind it up and at some random moment it goes off - a signal from the Aether perhaps?

Up close is the Verdurite Emanation coil glowing an eerie green behind the clockwork mechanism - it can also be seen from the rear of the clock through the ventilation plate.

In the Dark this clock really speaks for itself, the Orange glow of the Nixes, with the mysterious Blue back lighting and the Coil lighting up the clockwork chamber. A very individual clock that needs a home!

Little Maisy Fruit wood Clock - £POA - SOLD

Saw this pretty little wooden fruit wood box and thought it would make a nice little contemporary clock. Combined with some neat little tubes I'm happy with the end result

I think this is the smallest clock I have made, it measures just 15cm X 11cm X 8cm tall. The top is inlaid with a darker wood to give the banding effect.

Maisy was in the Contemporary clocks page, but I've moved it here. It's new owner wanted it Steampimping, so Maisy had a bit of a makeover and this is the end result!

Just a slightly smaller cousin of Ambrose. I am happy to change / alter designs to suit, each clock is individual to its owner and I want you to be happy with them.

Steampunk - Nixie - DAB Clock - Radio £POA SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Quite a Challenge this on, my most complicated commissioned piece so far. A 6 digit Nixie clock, based on the Maestro kit and an integrated Roberts Digital DAB- FM Radio.

Steampunk style, powered by the illusive Verdurite emanation Coil on the side. Many hours went into the build of this one, but the result is well worth the effort!

The Radio controls are on top, based on a Roberts 'Elise' Radio and all the brass work was done by Andy - cracking job again. Not in the picture, but the antenna is nearly 2 ft long :)

Commissioned as a 50th Birthday gift, hence the cryptic engraving below the controls! The whole radio weighs in at nearly 4Kg, there is an awful lot of brass in this one!

Large 'Hampton' Clock £POA SOLD

Been a while in the making, Hampton clock is now ready for sale. Slightly different styling plain and quite simple looking but with an elegance

Started off as one of those expensive brass Lamps that you put over the top of paintings. Add in a Frank-3 Kit and some really nice IN-8 tubes.

Top view looking down, you can see the Blue led lighting very clearly. The brightness level can be programmed to change on the hour - and why not!

In a brighter light you can see the solid lump of carved mahogany ( Thank you Owen ) that the whole base plinth is made out of. Nearly half a meter long, it is a serious piece of wood.

Large Valve-o-Tron Clock - £POA - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

This is the 'Valve-o-Tron' Very impressive looking clock, based on an old Wheatstone Measuring Bridge. Was going to put it on the Test Equipment page, but think it lives here.

Uses four of the Red varnish coated GN-4 Nixie tubes and has an A101 Dekatron in the Centre. Based on a funKloc kit inside, the Dekatron speed is adjusted on the side.

The Valves on top all glow subtly, as near as I could get to using the original heater filaments. Within the clock settings you can vary the lighting level from 0-9

All the components fitted to the top are vintage, and came from a very old Valve based oscilloscope that weighed best part of 35Kg!

These next 4 pictures have the ambient light turned down a little to show the valve under lighting. The Casing has also been restored as it was in a sorry state when I aquired the original instrument

Made to order, I had a great deal of fun putting this one together. I will make a similar type of clock available for general sale, let me know if you're interested.

The controls on the side are used to set and adjust the clocks parameters and control the speed of the Dekatron. Really pleased with how the woodwork has come up.

Central part on the top showing some coils and tuning capacitors, If you're interested there's a link here Valve o tron Build that shows this clock being built.


"Oh my !! Finding Paul and his work have proven to be a true revelation, his passion for his art is unmatched. He has to date sold me a stock item or 2 and has happily embarked on a couple of bespoke projects for me to match my own quirky desires, without disappointment. He and his family are a pleasure to deal with and nothing seems to be an issue. Pragmatic, inventive and accommodating sees me going back for more."

Ray M - Chicago USA

Galvanometer Clock No1 - £POA - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

From some of my stash of Vintage test equipment comes the 'Galvanometer Clock' Beautifully made cases from the 1940 /50's Not much use these days as a Galvanometer, but make nice clocks!

This one has been commissioned as an 80th Birthday gift, the clock is nearly as old as the recipient but not quite!

The clock uses a 'FunKlock' kit from PV electronics but has been modified to fit the Mullard ZM1162 tubes that are just the right size for the casing and have UV backlighting.

A very nice little clock, I have another 4 galvanometers available if you want one making into a clock - Just contact me via the contact page.

Galvanometer Clock No2 - £POA - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Galvanometer Clock No3 - £POA - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Galvanometer clock No 4 SOLD

Steampunk Flavour

My 4th Galvanometer clock, I love the control knob on the front and thought that just a little brass pipework was needed to finish off, just enough to give it the desired look.

The casing has been repaired and then re varnished. It is constructed from Mahogany as I had red sawdust all over the place.. Goes very well with the little IN-12 Nixie tubes.

The tubes are back lit with a subtle and eerie UV light source that glows nicely in the dark. You can easily make out the square anode mesh at the front of the tubes.

As with all the Galvanometer clocks, there is the name plate on the rear with the controls and date it was assembled.

Galvanometer Clock No5 SOLD

More Steampunk Flavouring

Galvanometer Clock No6 - SOLD


Large 'Tempus - Roto' Clock - £POA SOLD

With added Temporal Coherer..

Proud to present 'Tempus Roto' a Steampunk special with an adjustable Temporal Coherer - because every SteamPunk widget needs one.

A lot of time and effort went into the creation of this clock, and I'm really happy with the way it has turned out and love the way it works. Some old clocks may have been harmed in the making of this one..!

Top view looking down, you can see the two antennas either side and the inductance coils on the RHS. The Big Brass control in the middle adjusts the Speed of the Coherer.

Some of the gears and springs are practical, the main casing is an old Brass Cigarette box, the spring loaded lever keeps it shut!

The Clock uses 6 X GN-4 Tubes and is based on the PV electronics Halo Kit. The Temporal Coherer is an old A101 Dekatron counting tube.

At the rear of Tempus are the controls to set the time and all the other Parameters. The little switch is to turn off the Coherer, more of an after thought but included anyway.

The clock displays the time and date, and features many programmable settings, you can even set it to shut itself down in the evening when you're asleep, and come back to life when you wake up.

The Temporal Coherer up close. I'll put a youtube clip somewhere of it running. You can spend hours adjusting it to rotate exactly once a second!

Wall Mounting Ohmeter Clock £POA - SOLD

This clock started life as an Evershed and Vignoles - Low Ohm tester, dating from about 1940. It has a lovely wooden cabinet that has been restored but still retains some character.

Quite a tall clock - about 45cm tall and designed to be hung on a wall. I've just put it up by my collection of bourbon.. where it doesn't look to out of place.

The Clock is based on the PV electronics 'FunKlock' kit and has UV back lighting, in the picture it is just doing the slots routine so all the numbers are jumbled up.

This image is taken in the dark, and the way the clock is made the Nixies light up the entire dial area with a smooth orange glow, topped off with the UV backlighting, really looks nice.

Mini Valve-o-Tron Clock £POA SOLD

Commissioned Piece

Following on from the Large Valve-o-Tron this is a smaller unit, minus the Dekatron. Beautiful oak casing which the original manufacturer chose to hide under layers of lacquer.

Originally this was a Resistance Decade box circa 1942, and It now contains a 'Funklock' kit and some lovely red coated GN-4 Nixie tubes, along with an assortment of vintage Valves on the top.

Yes that is the same 'Ericsson' as in Sony Ericsson for the Mobile Telephones, Ericsson started in 1876 and made all kinds of electronic equipment, not just Telephones.

Made to Compliment a high end Valve audio Amplifier, does not look out of place next to one. I have a couple more old Decade boxes available should you want one yourself.

Little Steampunk Clock ' Ambrose ' - £POA SOLD

This is a very pretty little clock, housed in a small wooden box with some burl walnut edging. Uses a Quattro kit inside and the very nice ITT GN tubes for a crisp and clear digit. There is a plain version of this 'Maisy' clock in the contemporary section.

The tubes have Ultra Violet back lighting, you can adjust the level in the parameters. There is a actually a mix of GNP-7A and 13A tubes, the only difference being one has a decimal point which is not used anyway.

On the rear is a custom engraved brass plaque housing the control buttons, just to finish off the design. The key on the side does not do anything - just for show, but finishes of the piece.

This image is taken in slightly darker surroundings and you can see the reflection in the polished wooden casing of the tubes, and the effect of the UV backlighting.

Small Gothic Clock - £POA - SOLD

Commissioned Piece

This started out as a ideally sized little brass and rosewood Jewellery box, it even has a little slide out drawer on the side for super secret things!

It is based on a QTC kit and features the IN-8-2 tubes. Has the correct '5' and also programmable colour under lighting for the tubes. The box was dismantled, re-sanded and then re varnished.

A very nice looking clock and a commissioned piece to order, to celebrate a 20 years of wedded bliss. I hope the recepient will be pleased with it!

On the end is the little secret drawer. I replaced the originl pin with an old clock winder as I thought it more fitting. If you want a similar type of clock, then please get in touch.


“After coming across another of Paul's clocks on eBay, I found his website and decided to take the plunge and order a custom clock. Paul has been outstanding to deal with from start to finish and nothing seems to be too much trouble. He was always available to answer questions, consider new ideas and refinements. The clock itself is nothing short of fantastic, both my wife and I literally stop and watch it when we walk into the room. This isn't the last clock I'll be buying from him"

Garry Coulthard (Lancs).

Little Wooden Clock - £POA - SOLD

This started out as a little wooden box - probably 1950's designed to hold a couple of packets of playing cards. Or possibly a little trinket / jewelry box.

Just the right size and shape to hold a 'Quattro' Kit - you will note that the circuit board inside is attached to the lid via the four little screws in the top.

This clock uses the Russian IN-14 tubes, and you can see that they use an upside down '2' to indicate the number '5'. The only reason for this was to probably save on manufacturing costs.

Very simple controls, there is a 2 way switch - push it to the left to Set the clock and push it to the right to make any adjustments. The clock is powered from a regular 12v mains adaptor.

Orpheus Clock - £POA - SOLD

This is a clock based on a 1930's Evershed and Vignoles Decade resistance box. As soon as I saw the instrument I knew it would make an excellent little Steampunk clock, and it turned out lovely.

This clock uses 4 off Burroghs Nixie tubes, and the clock is based on a PV electronics 'FunKlock' Kit - buried deep inside. Quite an imposing looking clock that fits the genre very well.

Some brass feet off an old Carriage clock have been added, along with the Brass name plates. The original manufacturer label and leather handle has been retained and attached to the top.

This image kindly supplied by Craig Fleet, it shows Orpheus in it's new setting on the other side of the World. Really nice composition and a well taken picture.

Little Brass Clock - £POA - SOLD

This was a very nice little ornate brass trinket box. Engraved design and probably used to hold jewlery. Quite old, around the 1900's looking at the styling and the condition it was originally in.

Powered off there is a good contrast between the silvery colour of the tubes and the brass casing. The box is polished to a high finish as you can see.

The Clock uses a combination of 3 X Rodan tubes and 1 Mullard tube. You can see with the images the camera takes it is quite apparent, although you can't notice it when viewed with the human eye.

Inside is a 'Quattro' kit, the clock even though it only has HH : MM does also display seconds. The last 5 seconds of the minute, the minute display reverts to seconds and counts 55,56,57,58,59!

Large Gothic Clock - £POA - SOLD

This is a Lovely looking clock, rosewood box with brass adornment to the corners and the top. circa 1910 definately from the arts and crafts era.

This clock uses 6 off IN-8 tubes, that are held in sockets, so can easily be detached or replaced. They also have UV underlighting for added effect. Notably for Russian tubes, the No'5' is not and upside down '2'.

Dim the lighting a little, and this clock really stands out. The 1st pictures were taken in direct lighting to highlight the case, this one emphasises the tubes and underlight.

Inside you can see the wiring is neat and tidy, and the clock is powered by a 'Remote' Kit. Just as much attention is paid to the insides as the outside. This clock is now living in Los Angeles :)

Huge 'Captain Nemo' Clock - £POA - SOLD

Click on any of the pictures for larger images

This is a clock and a half, based on a 1890's wooden musical box casing. This will get noticed wherever you put it. Called the 'Captain Nemo' clock as it looks like it came from the Nautilus. Click on the image to see some larger pictures

A very imposing piece, and stunning to look at. Every attention to detail has been catered for, and many many hours of hard work have gone into the production of this clock.

Completely hand made and bespoke, quite a search to find all the parts and components. There will not be another identical. The steampunk styling does lend itself very well to Nixie clocks though, so watch this space :)

Each pod contains a GN-4 nixie tube - which is removable, and a full colour RGB led, that can be programmed to change colour on the hour, or cycle through all the combinations.

Looking at the clock, you would never know that the brass pods that hold the tubes are infact curtain pole corners - it is suprising how you can see an item in one context and then use it for another!

All the custom engraving was done by Andy over at Engraving studios. Andy's Engraving site A small but important detail that just finished off the clock.

The clock displays the time and date, and features many programmable settings, you can even set it to shut itself down in the evening when you're asleep, and come back to life when you wake up. You can also attach a GPS device for super accurate time keeping.

The whole clock is powered by a PV electronics QTC clock. Albeit with a lot of extra wiring. You can see that the wiring is all neatly loomed and held in place, there are over 100 individual wires between the circuit board and the top!

Miniature American Walnut Clock - £POA - SOLD

This is a truly tiny little Nixie clock, has full HH:MM:SS and displays Day / Date / Month. Underneath the tubes are back lit with full colour RGB Leds and can be programmed to change colour on the hour.

Based on the QTC kit, this uses the delicate little Hivac XN-3 tubes which really suit the small dimensions of this clock. Polished American Walnut base really compliments the design.

The whole clock measures 20cm X 8cm by about 6cm to the top of the tubes. It is pictured here next to the 'Hampton' clock to give some idea of scale. I can supply these to Order if you want one.

The casing has been hand carved and finished by Owen at T+S Cabinets over in Co Tyrone. I always aim to use natural materials - Plastic is not used on any of my clocks!

'Little Red' Steam Punk Clock - £POA - SOLD

This is a gorgeous little clock, red tubes and the casing used to be an old artillery shell, that someone had converted into a moneybox. I then converted it into a clock!

This uses red coated Mullard ZM1080 tubes, and is controlled by a PV electronics 'Quattro' kit. Quite a squeeze to fit it all in - but worth the effort. The tubes also have Red under lighting.

On the rear are two little buttons 'Set' and 'Adj' that allow you to change the clocks time and other various parameters. You can see also the flap where you used to empty the money out!

One of my favourite little clocks, and it now resides with it's new owner - The great Baron Ambrose Rumble Bottom, who I know will love and cherish it!