The Covert Bombe

Covert Bombe!

The Covert Bombe came about as a MK II Version to the original Bombe clock. The MK II has been re-designed, and has had many alterations made. The clocks are currently being built, at the workshop and you can see pictures here of the progress as they come together.  Some of the chages to the original are as follows:

  • All but 2 of the original case components have been re-designed to improve rigidity and to accommodate new internal parts.
  • New motor drive system, with a more responsive control.
  • Uses an external GPS transponder so the clock will always tell the right time, and also outside temperature.
  • Every mechanical component has been CNC machined or turned for greater precision
  • New 'Covert' themed styling for a more darker look, black anodised components including tubes and separator posts
  • Engraved top plate can be customised with personal hidden messages.
  • New internal clock electronics and software.

As soon as the first batch of 5 Covert Bombes has been produced, the actual pictures will be shown here. At the moment you can see all the component pictures as all the pieces are machined, and the clocks assembled. 

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The Covert Bombe

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