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After completing the design of the ENIAC Nixie clock, it only seemed fitting to photograph it against the original computers that it was styled on. After making a few enquiries, I was delighted when the National Museum of Computing allowed me to bring a clock down and take some pictures. However, it needed something a bit better than my trusty mobile phone so I found  Richard Kalina who was more than up for the job! So we set off mid September 2022 and you can see the resulting pictures here and on the website!

The Museum sadly though is not government funded, and runs as a charity and needs all the help it can get. So as I was very grateful for their assistance in letting me promote my ENIAC clock, I brought down one of my Bombe drums, which as I found out are exactly the same as the originals! and a couple of Polargraph drawings of Alan Turing. The Museum will then be able to use these for fundraising, so some of the picures show these items being given to Storm who represented the museum. 

I found the museum to be a wonderful place, and the machines and computers there, are now all that is left of British computing History. If you're anything like me and have a techical or scientific background, you must go and easily spend a day there :)


Photos ©Richard Kalina R.

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