Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the clock work in my country on our electrical system?
A: Yes, the clock actually runs off a very low voltage 12v supply. As we know where we sending the clock, we ship it with the correct adaptor for your country.

Q: I've lost / misplaced the original instructions that came with the clock - where can I get a copy?
A: Find the original item in the online store, and there is a download link at the bottom for the instruction manual

Q: Does the clock get hot?
A: No, the glow inside the tube is not generated by heat like a traditional light bulb. The glow is caused by the stimulation of Neon gas inside the tube so no heat is generated.

Q: How long will the tubes last for?
A: The tubes are usually good for 20 years of use. 

Q: Do you ship to my country as I can't find it in the drop down list at checkout?
A: Yes, we ship to all countries, just ask and we will add it to the list of destinations.

Q: You make clocks from old Geiger counters - are these radioactive?
A: No, the counters are checked and screened for any contaminaton from the original source, well before I get them to work on

Q: If I've got something that I want converting into a clock, will you work with an item given to you?
A: Yes by all means, people send in items for us to work on all the time. Everything from electric fence control boxes to old radios.

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