Nixie Clock and Electronic modules

For the DIY and home hobbyist, a selection of Nixie Clock modules and other electronic kits and components. The Nixie Clock modules will allow you to make your own Nixie clock, without having to worry about the electronic side of things. If you're creative with cases, then these are ideal. Also available a conversion kit to allow you to turn an old Avo Meter into a clock - the same as one of our Heritage Avo Clocks.

The Arduino / Audio components are here as something different and you can find further information on these in the Blog section.

Due to the limited availablity of some tubes, the module or kit may show as out of stock - please message in this instance as we may well have more available.
It is assumed you have some electronics knowledge as you will need to be able to follow a wiring diagram, or read component values off the circuit board or schematic diagrams.

NOTE: There is also 170v DC present on the Nixie Clock modules, so exercise care and only power up once installed into its housing - Not suitable for young Children.

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