4 Tube Avo Clock Module MK II



A Fully Assembled and tested 4 tube IN-12 Nixie clock module designed to fit inside Avo-8 MK III and earlier range of test meters

The Module is designed as a replacement for the original Avo meter movement. It is also completely reversable, should you wish to turn your clock back into a meter! 

The process is fairy simple - Remove the cover off the Avo, unscrew the battery box from the casing and then there are 2 screws that hold the dial movement to the front panel. Unsolder the 2 wires that connect the movement to the front panel. Carefully remove the original movement and keep safe if you plan to reuse. The Nixie module then just screws in where the original movement used to fit. 
You will need to make some small holes in the rear of the case for the power connector and 2 switches and then reassemble

  • Hours / Minutes and Date display on four IN-12B nixie tubes with 16mm digit height
  • Super accurate RTC chip - accuracy +/- 1 Minute per year
  • Very Simple time setting using two buttons.
  • 12 or 24 hour modes.
  • Standard, fading, or crossfading with scrollback display modes.
  • Fully programmable Backlight colour
  • Optional WiFi interface ( soon ) to allow you to control from a web browser and get the time off the internet
  • Tube life in excess of 20 years
  • Machine assembled reliable Surface Mount board

Should take no more than half an hour to convert, comes with power adaptor / switches / wires that you will need to convert. 

Download Clock Instructions here

Download Wiring Instructions here

NOTE! There is 170v DC on the board when running - Only purchase if you are competent and understand this will need to be wired and housed safely once completed.



Paul and Bad Dog Design have been part of my life for a about six months now. After poring over his old website for many days I finally made contact. We started off with me buying the last Grace clock as a present for my wife.. Then we moved on and spent some time talking about designs and options for various projects. Paul is very collaborative and made sure I was happy with design features, and he listened when I made the odd suggestion. The result is The Bridge, Excalibur Mk III, and the Lambent Harp. Throughout the builds I was kept informed of progress, by email and images. I’m a little biased but think that these projects are amongst his best. They arrived well packaged and have been a joy to us, and have been well received by those fortunate enough to have seen them. Paul thinks laterally which is why he keeps coming up with new and interesting pieces of art. The build quality is first class, and I’m sure our kids will be enjoying these pieces long after we’ve gone. I can thoroughly recommend Bad Dog, and am spreading the word in Perth Western Australia.

Allan Barber

I wouldn’t change a thing about this clock, the depth of the display and richness of colour with the lighting effects is spot-on. I have it scrolling through the ‘slots’ mode every minute and the date display too so I get animation 60 times an hour. It makes me feel like I’m either in a nuclear bunker, about to engage time travel or waiting to be found at the bottom of the hatch in ‘Lost’! There are so many setup options available on this clock that there is no excuse to dislike anything at all about the clocks operation. I love the fact that this classic old counter has been given new purpose and a new lease of life. Overall, this clock is absolutely superb, I couldn’t be happier.

Andy Shepherd

I found Paul and Bad Dog Designs by accident and, after visiting his website several times, commissioned a clock using a vintage Bush Radio as the case. In all of my dealings with Paul, he has been professional, prompt in replying to email queries and phone calls, and always willing to offer advice and suggestions, thereby making this project a truly collaborative exercise. This was a great comfort to me as I live in Melbourne, Australia. My clock arrived several days ago, and Paul's instructions regarding setting up the device, along with the sound system that goes with it, were very clear and concise, making it a doddle to get the system up and running. This clock exceeds my expectations in every way. It has truly been a pleasure to deal with Paul, and I appreciate the time and effort he took to transform my idea into a wonderful reality. If you are contemplating commissioning a clock of your own, I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Paul and Bad Dog Designs.

Anthony Simmons

Dear Paul I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon your website as I embarked on finding a new clock for my stereo listening room a few months ago. I was looking for something functional, yet out of the ordinary, and I couldn't be happier with the fabulous finished product that you created for me. The entire design and build process was seamless and very engaging - working with you via email from Toronto and receiving periodic updates from you with pictures that showed the progress of the project was always exciting and made me feel like I was very much a part of the overall process. I must tell you that everyone that enters our home is completely drawn in and mesmerised by this very unique and exceptional piece of work. It’s absolutely stunning and I could not have asked for more.

Doug Collitz

After coming across another of Paul's clocks on eBay, I found his website and decided to take the plunge and order a custom clock. Paul has been outstanding to deal with from start to finish and nothing seems to be too much trouble. He was always available to answer questions, consider new ideas and refinements. The clock itself is nothing short of fantastic, both my wife and I literally stop and watch it when we walk into the room. This isn't the last clock I'll be buying from him!

Gary Coulthard

Oh my !! Finding Paul and his work have proven to be a true revelation, his passion for his art is unmatched. He has to date sold me a stock item or 2 and has happily embarked on a couple of bespoke projects for me to match my own quirky desires, without disappointment. He and his family are a pleasure to deal with and nothing seems to be an issue. Pragmatic, inventive and accommodating sees me going back for more.

Ray M

Dealing with Paul is an absolute pleasure and he endeavours to make the experience a true collaboration to ensure that any design details you can dream up are incorporated to produce a unique item bespoke to you. Any queries are met with fully detailed replies easy to understand in layman's terms and often accompanied by the relevant pictures. I have no hesitation in recommending Bad Dog Designs at all, I am thrilled with my 1st "Atomic" Nixie clock and Paul's workmanship is obviously a matter of pride to him, a fact that shines through in the finished work of art.

Simon Dentith

I just received the HERITAGE AVO-8 BLUE clock I purchased via the Touch of modern store and I’m totally in love with it! What superb workmanship! I even love the smell for the old meter. It reminds me of the days I spend as a young boy with my grandfather in his workshop. Thanks again for making such a great product and bringing back such great memories of a simpler time in my life.

Tony Fiorillo

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