Welcome to the Pricing Page. The majority of our work is made to order. Sometimes we will have clocks available for general sale, but the majority of our work is commissioned. There is no fixed cost, it depends entirely on what we are making for you and how complex / detailed you wish the design to be. As you can see from the website we have made many beautiful clocks and there are lots and lots of happy owners. These are unique and hand made, there are no moulds / tooling - your clock is a one off and we make it with a great deal of care and passion as I hope you can see from the finished clocks.

We will try and break down the range of clocks below, i.e. Gordon's / Magnoxes / Pandora's etc and give examples and a price range. All commissioned clocks can be personalised and have a uniquely designed set of artwork for the engraving. All our work is based on time and materials, the more complex and more demanding the higher the price. 

The clocks here are just a small selection of my work, we have based them on size so the smallest clocks are at the top of the page and as you work down they get physically larger. Not neccessarily more complex or detailed, it depends on the brief but larger clocks usually have more room to include extra details.

Standard 4 tube small clocks

My entry level clock, made from an old voltmeter or ammeter

£ 300

Art Deco Araminta clock in Walnut with chrome engraving

£ 380

A very small Steampunk clock in a Burl Walnut case

£ 450

A very detailed Genus clock, motorised internals

£ 700

These clocks are in the range of £300 up to £700+ and all feature the same base design of 4 tubes and a pretty box. The amount of detail / engraving depends on cost and what original Item I make the clock from. Some of the more complex designs will involve motors, lighting effects and a lot of custom engraving. All however are reasonably small and just use 4 tubes.

Medium 4 or 6 tube design clocks with additional parts such as Dekatrons or Motorised parts

A Grace clock, elegantly designed and made out of an old Silver jewellery box

£ 420

Aviation themed clock using an original spitfire compass inside

£ 620

One of the Dr Who series clocks with a Dekatron detail added

£ 660

The Pandora MK III Steampunk design with a set of motorised gears / moving piston.

£ 750

These clocks are in the range of £325 up to £750 They are larger than the smaller 4 tube clocks, and can be very detailed with ots of additional features fitted. They don't have to be all steampunk, it is however quite a popular style so most end up this way.

Gordon and Godfrey Style Steampunk clocks

The smaller Gordon MK VI clocks, made out of little wooden meters, and a good level of Steampunk Decoration

£ 600

A regular sized Gordon / Godfrey type clock, has a bit more detail and also has room for some motorised parts or extra tubes or lighting effects

£ 780

A Grand Master Gordon, the biggest wooden cased meters used, normally with a 6 digit display in the dial, along with lots of decoration / lighting effects and moving gears and a very imposing piece.

£ 2600

A Double Gordon type clock, these make use of rarer original dual meter pieces of equipment and feature much larger Nixie tubes for the main timekeeping with auxillary displays in the dial areas for 2nd Timezone / Temperature. These are made as showcase pieces.

£ 3400

These clocks range from £600 upto £3400 + and are all made from wooden cased test instruments, or dual instruments in the same case. These are all very Steampunk in design, and make great showpiece clocks. 

Large tube Nixie Clocks with regular size cases.

The Amidala One - also available in the contemporary clocks area of the website, although this one slightly tweaked for a fan of Rush!

£ 900

A Chronox, a large tube clock with some Steampunk decoration and the addition of a Dekatron tube.

£ 1440

A Grand Pandora clock, 6 large tubes as well as 4 Dekatrons and lots of Steampunk detailing and brass.

£ 2200

An Excalibur clock, made from peg resistance boxes and also has a lighting effect built in.

£ 1600

These clocks range from £900 to £2200+ and use the larger size of Nixie tube, such as the Z566M and the IN-18. Made out of a reasonable sized piece of equipment or box and have various extra lighting effects and Dekatrons, or a combination of them both.

Large tube clocks with large cases

This is a large Audiodyne clock. Made out of a dual instrument casing and has a large tube clock. The dials are responsive to sound, so any ambient noise in the room the dials move back and forth in response.

£ 1700

The Faraday clock, very detailed and has built into it a 3 band radio receiver and also a bluetooth sound system in the base. A lot of intricate detail and time went into the construction.

£ 3800

A Marconi clock, these are made from old wheatstone bridges and styled to look like an early radio receiver. This one also had a speaker system built into the casing.

£ 2000

The Neon Reactor MKII A very Steampunk piece, that has a plasma sphere inside and a Dekatron and various lighting effects and custom brass engraving.

£ 1800

These clocks range from £1700 to £3400+ and are large and complex items that take several months to create. Very detailed, lots of features and are true project pieces.

Full on Statement pieces

The Tesla clock, pretty well has everything! large tubes, temperature display, 6 Dekatrons all independently controlled and a plasma ball on top. Custom engraving and light effects built in.

£ 5000

Gemini, A Steampunk masterpiece featuring a motorised beam engine on top, dual time, dekatrons - even has the gyroscope out of a Spitfire as a centrepiece.

£ 6000

A Time Machine! These are made from original clocking in machines, and contain as many gadgets and features as I can physically fit inside.

£ 4300

Wilson - A life sized Steampunk robot complete with hand blown Nixie tubes in his chest and took nearly 2 years on and off to create.

£ 12000

These clocks start at about £4000 and go upwards of £12000+  They are statement pieces of art, very large detailed and intricate and have had hour after hour after hour spent on the design, build and finish of each one. No expense or detail overlooked and made to the highest possible standard, these are in effect investment pieces.