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I have seen many Nixie clocks, and taken inspiration from other people's ideas and designs. It is interesting and also useful to see what other people come up with, to help you make your own clocks, and see how others use Nixie tubes and other display devices - Panaplex - Crt - VFD, it doesn't just have to be Neon. It is very much within the hobbyist realm and this page is for sharing and swapping notes! There are some exceptionally creative folks out there and should rightly have their creations on display!

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A very nicely made 3 digit thermometer from Marcel in Switzerland

Submitted by: Marcel

Tiny little IN-17 clock!

Submitted by: Pete

The IN-17 clock, with the insides all profesionally made.

Submitted by: Pete

'The Information Station' Displays Time / Temp / Humidity and Glows! Very steampunk, indeed! Submitted by Chris, from Texas.

Submitted by: Chris

An unusual Nixie clock made from a sheet of Fused Glass - made by Jan from the Netherlands. Find out more at

Submitted by: Jan

A great Steampunk clock! glowing coils, valves and lots of copper piping, would not look out of place on the main clocks page!

Submitted by: Andy

A very nice little Avo-Meter Conversion, lovely to see someone tackle this as a first piece, hope to see many more :) - Submitted by Steve (UK)

Submitted by: Steve

Amazing Decatron powered clock.

Submitted by: Mike

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