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I have seen many Nixie clocks, and taken inspiration from other people's ideas and designs. It is interesting and also useful to see what other people come up with, to help you make your own clocks, and see how others use Nixie tubes and other display devices - Panaplex - Crt - VFD, it doesn't just have to be Neon. It is very much within the hobbyist realm and this page is for sharing and swapping notes! There are some exceptionally creative folks out there and should rightly have their creations on display!

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Lovely IN-18 Nixie Clock made from a Tinsley Decade Box. Front controls function to set the clock and 2 Dekatrons for effect!

Submitted by: Stu Wade UK

Wonderful little old telephone exchange converted into a clock, complete with animated front panel illumination!

Submitted by: Geoff Love UK

This a Russian multimeter from 1983 and is now housing 4 Russian IN12's. The measurement leads need to be used to set/adjust the time.

Submitted by: Richard Mans Neitherlands

Simple design using IN14 tubes inside the housing of an old Multimeter from the early 80's. It's my first try...

Submitted by: Richard Mans Netherlands

Some months ago, I completed the housing for my ‘Bad Dog’ Nixie Clock ????

Submitted by: Greg Pryce UK

A truly wonderful idea for an upcycled clock. Mike has used Fruit Machine drums, controlled by steppers that then illuminate to show the time.

Submitted by: Mike Small UK

Another picture of Mike's very inventive clock!

Submitted by: Mike Small UK

Great little Nixie clock made from a Current Transformer!

Submitted by: Steve Tyler UK

Clock built into an old Camera. CNC machined bezel and a really neat finish

Submitted by: Stuart May UK

Large Nixie Clock!

Submitted by: Ralph Krans USA

IN-13 Nixie tube Audio Spectrum Analyser - Superb!

Submitted by: Simon Ravenscroft UK

Another picture of Simon's IN-13 Spectrum Analyser!

Submitted by: Simon Ravenscroft UK

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