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I have seen many Nixie clocks, and taken inspiration from other people's ideas and designs. It is interesting and also useful to see what other people come up with, to help you make your own clocks, and see how others use Nixie tubes and other display devices - Panaplex - Crt - VFD, it doesn't just have to be Neon. It is very much within the hobbyist realm and this page is for sharing and swapping notes! There are some exceptionally creative folks out there and should rightly have their creations on display!

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Avo board fitted inside an Avo-8 Meter

Submitted by: RLB-Design UK

An IN-8-2 Nixie Clock in a silver case Available from

Submitted by: RLB-Design UK

Wonderful creation from JB made from an old 1960s signal tracer

Submitted by: JB Stoddard USA

Here's an old radio that was gutted I found at a pawn shop for $10. I did a little sanding, paint, and added a few goodies to it. I used a kit from PV Electronics. I made my own headers and extending wire for the tubes to place them where I needed them. I also added an arduino with an LED panel that makes patterns that change based on sound.

Submitted by: Richard Taylor USA

Another View of Richard's Radio

Submitted by: Richard Taylor USA

Superb 1st attempt at a wonderful Steampunk Clock.. Love the Plasma Ball

Submitted by: Vince Farnell - UK

Another Shot of Vince's Clock in the dark - Great work!

Submitted by: Vince Farnell - UK

I got bored one day and thought I'd make a clock - Great Z566M clock too!

Submitted by: Simon Ravenscroft UK

Wonderful conversion on an old Bridge, wired so the meter moves as well. Nice Whisky collection too..

Submitted by: Ryan Mathieson - UK

Lovely little Steampunk Clock in a great setting

Submitted by: Matt Wragg - UK

Ming Qing Nixie Clock

Submitted by: Sukkin Pang - UK

Industrial Looking Z568 using a Spectrum based board

Submitted by: Nick Stock

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