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I have seen many Nixie clocks, and taken inspiration from other people's ideas and designs. It is interesting and also useful to see what other people come up with, to help you make your own clocks, and see how others use Nixie tubes and other display devices - Panaplex - Crt - VFD, it doesn't just have to be Neon. It is very much within the hobbyist realm and this page is for sharing and swapping notes! There are some exceptionally creative folks out there and should rightly have their creations on display!

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Hivac XN12 tubes in a hand-made case.

Submitted by: John

Hivac XN11 tubes. Infinity clock. Half silvered front glass. Mirror behind tubes.

Submitted by: John

TTL logic driven Nixie clock - submitted by Luke from France.

Submitted by: Luke

Circuitry for the TTL clock 4060 dividers used for the timebase.

Submitted by: Luke

Slim pair of single tube clocks. Mains driven, no wall wart.

Submitted by: John

A Lighthouse clock, by Simon from Australia.

Submitted by: Simon

6 digit Steampunk clock 'Nixie Ark' - IN-14 tubes based on PV electronics qtc kit - submitted by Liong from London.

Submitted by: Liong

Another excellent CRT Clock, using a Soviet 3L01i a 1" CRT. By Howard from the USA.

Submitted by: Howard

5 digit Clock in an old counter - The first digit on the right counts from 0-9 instead of 10s of seconds 0-5 so it changes every six seconds instead of every ten.

Submitted by: Luke

6 digit IN-12 clock in a non-traditional layout.

Submitted by: Luke

Tiny little clock, made out from a peppermint tin.

Submitted by: Pete

Amazing remake of Hellboy's well known Lantern clock, all the way from Germany.

Submitted by: Thomas Melzer

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