Quite an Epic build putting this one together - 'Cyclops Deep Time' the 100 Million year old clock. Made for a Micro-palaeontologist and has a fossil theme.

Rather a lot of custom designed brass work, 5 pieces in total, rear illuminated back piece, plasma sphere, glowing coils and it also has a Bluetooth sound system, iphone charger.. said it was epic! Top clock panel has the IN-8 tubes, blue backlit and the colon separators are made the same way I make the glowing coils, but I used Neon bulbs rather than Led's.

The hexagonal design is based on Radiolaria, which are microscopic fossils, the pattern is the geometric skeleton many are made from.

In a lower light you can see that this is a well illuminated piece. The internal glowing coils are functional and indicate GPS lock etc - it has a GPS receiver attached to always display the correct time. The front centrepiece is a 100,000,000 year old Ammonite fossil as supplied by the client that I incorporated into the design. Not the easiest thing to mount, but very happy with it.