Discovery Clock

The Discovery clock, made out of an old bit of scientific equipment but still retains flashing lights, moving parts and of course it tells the time and date.. and also WiFi enabled! Instead of the usual brass, this is satin brushed Aluminium that has been engraved - it gives a nice gunmetal type finish, expect to see this in some more contemporary designs in future. The centrepiece of the clock is a motorised gyroscope from an old American war bird, that gets subtly lit from the LED's underneath while they back light the Nixie tubes. All the controls for the programmable lights, the Gyroscope and the clock are hidden away on the rear. Giving the front quite a minimal appearance - I have been known to overdo things :)

  • Inspired by the Landrover Discovery
  • Two tiny IN-2 tubes indicate the seconds display
  • Programable flashing lights