Edison Clock

The Edison Clock, made from a 1952 Edison Swan CRO Monitor or Oscilloscope. Military in origin probably used as an early Radar display either in the airborne or on the ground. I've kept the original character of the piece of equipment, just replaced some of the old Bakelite knobs with lovely GN-4 Nixie tubes to turn it into a clock.

The front plate used to be black, and over the years has faded to this lovely burnt brown colour. That can't be faked, it is the accumulation of over 60 years in daylight! In darker conditions this clock comes alive, the Meter is illuminated, as are the Nixie tubes and the plasma sphere dances randomly. Even the power light functions!

There is a picture of the Meter up close, you can just make out the Air Ministry mark and the needle moves with the clock, pulsing once a second

The rear of the clock, you can see all the original connectors and switches. The central plate has the controls to set the clock, which used to be an inspection panel.