Eschaton - The Doomsday Clock

The Eschaton, Doomsday clock that counts up to the end of the world. The threat level on the Left and then the mechanics of doom that increment the threat on the right. The colour under the tubes relates to the threat level, blue is relatively safe. There is a key on the side of the clock that you use to wind the large brass wheel to increase the threat level. When the threat level is at the 'Very Armed' Status the tube lighting has gone red as a result. You can also make out the Key on the right of the clock that turns the wheel. All the possible states the clock can display are in one of the pictures. A wonderful fun clock to make as a commission, who knows in these present times it may well be accurate at some point in the future :-\

  • Started life as a pigeon racing clock
  • Definate conversation starter!
  • Apocalypse predictor..