Neon Reactor MK I

You're not going to miss this clock sitting in your den or workshop. Very imposing and very big - featuring probably the best large tubes available the ZM1042's. Called the Neon Reactor, because there is a lot of Neon in this clock. as well as the 6 huge Nixie tubes there is an animated Dekatron tube in the middle of the Galvanometer.

The woodwork of the original test instrument has been cleaned up and re-finished, but not overly so - it has the odd little dimple or imperfection, looks just about right.

Up close the Dekatron built into the middle of the Galvanometer dial. Again all back lit with UV and pressing one of the buttons on the front of the instrument will change the scan pattern. You can find a couple of these original instruments in the starting points section on the site.