Original Geiger Counter

'Can you convert a Geiger Counter into a clock?' I got asked.. so this is the end result. Originally a 1970's very well made French Geiger counter, so it got the treatment!

Named Vergilius by the client, the clock uses 6 of the very pretty GN-7P Nixie tubes and has the usual RGB controlled LED's fitted underneath. In the dial, I've fitted a Dekatron tube. These were acually used in some counters to indicate the number of counts, I remember one from my old school Physics department!

The only other addition was a big red flashing light! this is linked in with the Dekatron so it flashes once every rotation. 

The build on this got a lot of attention, so I found a job lot of Geiger counters that I have converted into clocks, which are available on the products tab if you want one.