Pro Speedo - Corporate

Well, you won't see one of these every day, this is the mighty 'Pro Speedo' Steampunk Nixie clock, made for a company over in Canada that repair and overhaul Speedometers. Originally started life as device made for testing Telegraph lines, I've kept a lot of the period parts such as the old hinge clamps and the untouched Bakelite front panel. With it being for Pro Speedo, it had to have an original vintage Speedometer incoporated - this one came from an old Jaguar. The Pointer does indeed move when certain buttons are pressed. All the brass had to be removed and cleaned, and there is an awful lot of it!  A lot of work was done to restore the Mahogany casing, including the addition of some little wooden feet, made from the somewhat battered original lid, so they would match the rest of the clock.

I then fitted 32 LED's inside and got them to show through the old peg locating holes. The Led's are all sequenced from a controller and make a mesmorising display when running, in the same vein as an Excalibur clock. The two controls on the side look after the 2 Dekatron tubes, either side of the main Speedo. Below the controls is a brass pushbutton that looks after the speedometer pointer.