Presenting the 'Prophet' A Mad Scientist come Rock and roll clock, made as a commissioned piece. Lots of nicely engraved brass and plenty of glowing things to flicker and flash wildly! The clock was originally a bit of old scientific equipment, although it bears little resemblence to it now! Over 1kg of engraved brass on the front panel and the top section. The Tubes are Z566M type and the under lighting as best a match for the plasma discs that go on the front. The switches turn the discs on and off, or make them sound sensitive. There is a closer view of one of the plasma discs used in the design. They are unusual in that they are miniature, measuring about 75 mm in diameter. They also respond to touch.

  • Lots of custom brass engraving
  • Plasma discs
  • Repurposed piece of scientific equipment