Simpson Meter Clock

After someone asked me to convert their little meter into a clock, I found something similar, so I converted that as well!

I've not come across one of these little Simpson Meters before, lovely proportions and I've just managed to squeeze a Nixie Clock inside, that uses the little CD43 Nixie tubes. I would date the original instrument to the late 1950's. There's even a little label on the back saying the battery was changed in April 1962, which has been scribbled out and replace with November 1970!

A beautifully made piece of equipment, you can tell it was a very high quality item when new. Made entirely out of Bakelite and glass, with a stitched leather handle. Converted into a clock to the highest standards, I particularly like the writing on the dial that says 'Vacuum Tube Voltmeter' quite fitting to have Nixies in there.