Quite a mammoth project, slowly put together over 2 years. The idea being that an old traditional clock that chimed used 5 notes - think Westminster Chimes - well, what could you do if you had more than 5 notes to play with, and the idea for Symphony came to be. 

Symphony has 32 notes, each one made from a piece of copper pipe that is cut to a specific lenght, and then a little brass mechanism strikes the tube to produce a note. The song information is stored on a little SD card and inserted into a little 'music box' control panel that connects to Symphony in order to then play. 

There are also 2 Nixie Clocks, so you can show the time in 2 different places at once, both syncronised with a GPS satellite so they always tell the right time. The whole piece is then held within a solid oak frame, that sits up on the wall.