Tesla Clock

The Gigantic 'Tesla' Clock, named after the great electrical pioneer and inventor Nikola Tesla. This clock encompasses many features and demonstrates what is possible with a little imagination. On the main brass nameplate for the clock, the Equipment type and Serial No are in fact Tesla's date of birth and when he died. Not forgetting of course the reference to Neon! The center dial used to be an old French Voltmeter from the 1920's. It now displays Temp and Humidity with an endless cycling colour display behind the front facing Nixie tubes.

The Lower deck of the clock houses 6 of the large IN-18 Nixie tubes, again lit from underneath with full RBG so any colour can be displayed or changed on the hour. The wood is all quarter sawn Oak and original 1920's

On top is a Plasma sphere, sensitive to touch and shows a never ending display of plasma streams dancing around inside. It is activated by one of the gold buttons on the lower deck of the clock and switches itself off after 30 minutes.

The Tesla clock (and myself!) made it onto a live TV interview on our local TV station - Big Centre TV - If you so wish you can see the whole interview here where I'm talking about Nixie clocks and Nixie tubes in general. You will also spot one of the Turing clocks on the shelf behind me!