The Bombe Clock

The Bombe was originally made as a Commission request, someone asked if I could make a replica of Alan Turing's Bombe that helped the British Intelligence officers during WWII to decypher the German Enigma Machine. The Machine was since rebuilt by the Welchman / Turing Rebuild trust, lead by John Harper Read more here who after speaking to on the phone, kindly agreed to let me use some of their original Drawings. So over a period of 6 months on and off, a 1:1 replica of the Bombe was made for the client. 

A lot of people followed the build, so when I made the original I had some parts left over so I made a small amount of Bombe Clocks for general sale, these are all since long sold and reside in private collections across the globe. I made 10 in total, and had enough spare parts left over to make an 11th, which also sold - you can see a clip of the last one here:

  • Hand Blown Dalibor RZ568M Tubes
  • Motorised drums
  • WiFi connectivity

The clock functioned similar to the actual bombe, although a lot more simplistic. It would rotate the drums continuously until it found a match, i.e. each drum was on a specific letter and when all 4 drums happened to match the predetermined 4 letter code, the clock would then chime!