The Defender

No mistaking why this clock is called the 'DEFENDER' made for a fan of the Land Rover Defender, this clock as a scale replica of the front grille and an original dashboard. All the dials and gauges move when the clock is powered up, along with the 2 dekatron tubes where the headlamps fit and also the indicators and side lights all flash and light up. The warning panel all lights up and illuminates in various sequences and patterns, depending on what mode is selected. Plenty of movement and things going on with this clock. The Defender was originally a piece of early telephone testing equipment used for checking out the exchange. Now it is a totally unique clock paying tribute to the wonderful Defender!

  • 6 Large Z566M Tubes
  • Laser cut oak front detail
  • 2 Dekatron headlights
  • Indicator and side lights flash on seconds