The Faraday Clock

The enormous glowing Faraday Nixie Clock. This is a combination of many design features, and an extremely detailed piece that took over 6 months to put together. The Piece comprises of a 6 Digit Nixie clock, an analogue FM / AM radio with old school tuning dial, there is a very powerful Sony bluetooth system built in, as well as other features!

The dial is illuminated, and changes colour on the hour, the front bezel specially made to fit and the serial number is the initials of the client. Those chunky knobs came from a 1930's oscilloscope! Side on, you can see the glowing coils and brass arrangement. The actual controls for the glowing coils are hidden in the brass decoration, you pull a little lever to activate either blue or green (or both!) lighting.

The top of the clock has a custom made brass bezel, and some detailing added to hide the original place where the hinges used to fit on the original meter that this clock is made from. Some more hidden controls, this knob you actually turn, and it controls the sensitivity of the front dial - very similar to an Audiodyne, picking up ambient sound or whatever the radio is playing.